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Prospects for replacing today\'s inefficient incandescent lamps with long bulbslasting, low-
The power indicator is increasing.
Osram Sylvania, the three major lighting manufacturers, and two of Philips are planning to sell energy-
Can replace 60-1 high efficiency LED bulbs this year
The most commonly used incandescent lamp.
The third company, GE, will sell the equivalent of 40-
W bulb this year but it won\'t have 60-
Watt replacement is ready by 2011.
Starting in January 2012, federal law will require the efficiency of light bulbs or what the industry calls them to be 30% higher than current incandescent lamps.
Standard incandescent lamps are likely to fail to meet these requirements.
LED manufacturers hope their bulbs will.
Advertising compact fluorescent lamps have been unpopular with consumers, and LED bulbs are too dark.
But Osram\'s ultra light bulb and Philips\'s EnduraLED, launched in August, will be available in the fourth quarter and will use only 12 watts of power to equal 60 watts of light outputwatt bulb.
Advertising \"60-
The tile is the most-
\"Sales of light bulbs in the United States,\" said James R . \"
Broderick, manager of Solid
National lighting of the Department of Energy.
\"These new bulbs should make consumers think.
\"The LED bulb uses 20% of the power of the current incandescent bulb for up to 25,000 hours, while the standard bulb is 2,000 hours and the compact fluorescent bulb is 8,000 hours.
If the light bulb works four hours a day, it\'s 17 years.
Unlike compact fluorescent lamps, these new LED lights completely mimic standard bulbs, the companies said.
They are dimmable, creating light in all directions and showing almost the same warm and color range as incandescent lamps.
The most important thing is that they work.
Guido van Tartwijk, manager of Philips Group, said: \"In our study, we mixed these new LED lights with regular bulbs, and when asked which one, most
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Unlike earlier versions, the new LED lights look more like regular bulbs.
The first batch of products is very heavy.
Secular metal fins attached to heat dissipation.
The manufacturer has now scaled down the fins and better incorporated them into the design.
The main players are keen to start selling replacement lights, so people don\'t feel sour about the LED lights as they did when they first sold the compact fluorescent lamps that made the bad ones.
The early compact fluorescent lamps were plagued by dazzling white light and a short life span.
These bulbs also contain a small amount of mercury.
\"Some of the earlier LED lights had very poor performance and we have removed them from the market,\" he said. Brodrick said.
G. , October. E.
Will Launch Energy Intelligence, its 40-
Watt LED equivalents using 9 W power; a 60-
Watt equivalent will be announced in a few months.
\"We decided to launch a 40-
We can meet the energy star specifications, \"said Steven J.
Briggs, Vice President of Marketing, General Electric lighting.
\"We want to be the best --in-class products.
\"With ads targeting consumers for products that are about to enter the LED market, the biggest problem is moving from quality to price.
GE expects 40-
Osram siwania and Philips both thought the initial retail price could be around $60. A lesser-
Well-known manufacturer in Florida Satellite Beach.
Lighting Science Group says its new 60-
Definequivalent, Definity LED will also be available later this year for about $30.
All three said they were working with regional utility companies to offer rebates to lower prices to levels that could be immediately affordable.
\"By 2012 or 2013, we will reduce the price to about $20,\" he said . \"
Van Tartwijk Philips.
A version of this article was printed on page B8 of The New York edition on May 17, 2010 with the title: The LED bulb is strong enough to read.
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