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by:ILED     2020-03-18
Panagie: There are 7 assigned by the Goa electric power department. 69 lakh nine-
About 2 watt LED bulbs.
As of December 15, according to the Jyotirmay Goa program launched in July, 56 lakh families in the state.
The largest number of LED bulbs allocated in Mapusa\'s branch office (1. 79 lakh)
Followed by Margao (1. 70 lakh)
Panaghi, bicolem, samwalden, Ponda, Vasco, and Vina.
The department is also doing its part to reach out to internal Goa.
According to the revised version of the Union government\'s Ujala Yojana program, six mobile vans were commissioned to distribute three light bulbs to each family in the village for free.
The slowdown in the distribution of LED bulbs is attributed to the growing number of uninhabited houses in the state.
Built in Goa according to the 2011 population, it has risen by more than 62% months-year period.
Consumers who do not collect LED bulbs can collect LED bulbs by visiting the branch offices of Panaji, Mapusa, Margao, Vasco, savordem and Ponda, along with their latest electricity bills and identification certificates such as adhaar cards.
Areas with a large number of people can contact Additional Chief Engineer N Reddy on 7350611000 to get bulk bulbs.
There are three LED bulbs
Annual warranty period.
In the event of any technical failure, they will be replaced free of charge by Energy Efficiency Services Limited, a public energy service company managed by Doe.
The energy-saving bulb is expected to consume only 1 out of 10 of the energy used by ordinary incandescent lamps, providing consistent brightness even under low pressure and reducing electricity charges.
Under the plan of the coalition government, each household is entitled to three LED bulbs with a subsidy rate of Rs 25 per bulb.
The Goa government abandoned the cost of renaming the plan to Jyotirmay Goa.
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