led christmas lights - durable, affordable and environmentally friendly

by:ILED     2020-01-02
LED Christmas lights are still one of the most popular LED products for home consumers.
LED Christmas lights are launched in the market around 2002, with soaring popularity and sometimes very popular and hard to find!
While their average cost is more than double that of a string of incandescent Christmas lights, it is long
Long-term savings are undeniable, and more consumers are replacing old lights with new LED technologies.
LED Christmas lights are very durable due to their hard plastic housing and do not lose color as if they were painting incandescent lamps.
They consume only a fraction of the energy of incandescent lamps, which makes them a great choice to save money, save energy and help the environment.
Because they don\'t emit the same amount of heat as incandescent lamps, there is less and less concern about light bulb fires, especially on Christmas trees.
If a light bulb burns out, they also do not cause the entire string of lights to die.
Consumers can buy indoor lights for outdoor LED Christmas lights, trees and windows, and even indoor and outdoor decorations lit with LED technology.
One of the potential drawbacks of LED Christmas lights is that their color range is relatively limited, although the current product line is working on and adding new colors.
It is true that the LED color does look different from the traditional string of lights that we might be used.
This is because the light shown by the LED light is colder than the incandescent lamp, so the white light looks more blue.
In addition, there is some evidence that some colors burn faster and the duration of red and green is longer than that of blue and white.
Just like anything, do your homework before buying and invest in the best quality lights you can afford.
You can also consult the local government office as some cities are offering an exchange program to distribute a string of LED Christmas lights for your incandescent lamp.
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