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by:ILED     2020-03-25
Low-cost power generation and energy conservation in every conceivable field are key to economic development.
Low-cost and efficient lighting can be highlighted as a national priority.
Seeking low
Cost motivation, trying to get rid of age-
The old way of lighting.
If the filament is the key to the first-generation bulb, the current effort is to avoid it and even eliminate it completely.
LED technology seems to be at the forefront of the new era of the lighting revolution.
Lighting equipment so far.
There are mainly three major lighting equipment: 1)
Incandescent lamp, 2)
Fluorescent lamps and 3)
While incandescent lamps and fluorescent lighting devices are outdated and considered obsolete, the LED is fairly new, although it has been around for a while.
The latest version of the LED is considered to be high efficiency and low costa-
Its longevity and higher output.
It is recognized as more feasible for large enterprises.
Scale lighting for homes, business sites and similar environments.
It is said that the LED bulb can work about 50,000 hours.
The Power LED of 8 to 11 watts can replace the incandescent lamp of 60 watts, which means about 80 gain.
Other benefits of LED bulbs are: it is cooler, instantly bright, has the possibility of multiple colors, is cost-effective compared to incandescent lamps, it does not emit mercury, and is less toxic.
Custom LED lights can even be controlled via Bluetooth connection.
Another feature is that the LED is different from the traditional lighting source, which does not have a glass bulb or filament.
Indian consumer demand for LED lighting is basically the one who buys cheap products.
He prefers Rs.
10 incandescent lamps instead of Rs.
LED bulb 400 or 500.
He is always attracted by immediate low spending/investment.
People in the middle class or lower middle class are rarely attracted for a long time
Long term gain by purchasing LED bulbs for Rs. 400-
500 lighting for his home only 2-
3 hours after dark!
This situation naturally requires an ongoing marketing effort to promote personal/family/or community/national interests by saving a few batteries.
From this perspective, BESCOM\'s recent efforts to sell LED bulbs at subsidized prices under the central government plan need to be appreciated.
Continuous marketing and education can bring huge benefits.
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