led lamp inventors win nobel prize

by:ILED     2020-03-02
Three Japanese-
Born researchers won the Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing LED lights, a boon for fighting global warming and helping the poor.
The three are researchers who are currently working in the United States, akizaki, Tianye Guangzhi and Nakamura.
\"This year\'s Nobel Prize winner has been rewarded for inventing a new energy source --
Efficient environmental protection-
Friendly light source-the blue light-LEDs (LED)
The jury said.
Their invention was revolutionary.
Incandescent lamps lit in the 20 th century;
The 21 st century will be lit by LED lights.
The jury said the three researchers produced bright blue light from the semiconductor in early 1990, triggering a fundamental change in lighting technology.
Red and green diodes have been around for a long time, but no white light can be produced without blue light.
Designing a blue LED is a challenge that has lasted 30 years.
\"They succeeded where everyone else failed,\" the jury said . \".
It added: \"With the advent of LED lights, we have more time now --
Durable and more efficient alternatives to old light sources.
The LED light gives a bright white light and is long.
Compared with the incandescent lamp created by Thomas Edison in the 19 th century, it lasts and uses much less energy.
Because their power needs are very low, LED lights can be connected to cheap local solar energy, which is a benefit for more than 1 country.
There are 5 billion people in the world who cannot use the power grid.
The winners will share the bonus of 8 million Swedish crowns (€883,000).
Last year, the award was awarded to Peter Higgs of England and Francois engerte of Belgium because they found the \"God particle\"
Atomic Higgs particles that give mass to other elementary particles.
According to tradition, the winners will be awarded at a formal ceremony in Sweden on December 10, the anniversary of the death of Nobel prize founder Alfred Nobel on 1896.
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