led light bulbs - recycling for the future

by:ILED     2019-11-29
LED bulbs are popular as the latest and most effective energy-saving light source.
There is no doubt that they have significantly reduced their energy consumption, using a tenth of the electricity consumed by old incandescent lamps, less than half of the use of CFLs (
Compact fluorescent bulb)
It is now recommended to replace them.
The life of LED lights is so long
Span, 10 years or more, so far when they finally reach the end of useful life, there are very few articles about recycling them, so what is the story?
Can Led be recycled?
The simple answer is, yes, more than 95% of each LED light is recyclable.
However, since the public has only recently started using led as a home lighting option, you may have to do your own research and find a recycling facility in your area that can handle the led.
Of course, in the UK and Australia, there are currently some waste management companies that will charge a small fee to recycle the led, when the life of today\'s new LED bulb is over, it is likely that there will be a wider recycling industry to deal with them.
Why is Led recycled?
Well, they contain all kinds of heavy metals that could be harmful to the environment if treated in a landfill.
When the lamp is treated in an appropriate recycling facility, traces of nickel, lead and arsenic in color LEDs can all be separated, but dumping heavily in landfill sites can cause toxic health problems for future generations.
If you want to know how LED bulbs are considered green options, consider alternative CFLs containing mercury if they contain toxic substances, if we come into contact with it directly, this is a lot more harmful to our health, just like the light bulb in our house is broken.
Another important reason why Led should be recycled is
Use of materials.
LEDs contain a high proportion of aluminum, which is a limited resource in high demand, so the more aluminum that can be recycled by recycling, the better.
The current recycling process of the Led recycles all aluminum and glass used and can then be recycled
Used to make new products.
At present, the most eco-friendly LED bulbs available
Both sides are friendly-
Their recyclability.
The only more eco-friendly
Friendly option is to sleep at sunset and get up at dawn so you don\'t need any artificial lighting at all!
So if you\'re talking about retro
Making your home suitable for LED lighting, you can rest assured that all of these lights can be recycled, although it may take ten years or more before you need to deal with this issue.
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