led light bulbs - the newest technology in illuminating spaces

by:ILED     2019-11-25
The LED light is just a separate set of LED bulbs.
The working principle of these bulbs is the PIN junction, when applied voltage, the energy flows from p to the n side in one direction.
The p and n faces of the knot are made of different semiconductor materials.
As long as the semiconductor material is changed, the color of the emitted light can be changed.
A few years ago, the use of LED bulbs was limited.
They are only used in digital equipment and traffic lights, but are now widely used in residential and commercial lighting.
Some LEDs produce light with a wavelength between 400 nm and 700 nm, while infrared LEDs produce light with a wavelength greater than 830 nm.
With the introduction of diodes that produce white light, these bulbs have become widely used.
Due to the many benefits of LED lights, many people are turning to LED lights.
They are energy-saving, environmental protection, long service life.
In addition, they are strong and durable and will not be easily damaged due to impact.
LED light consumption 1-
A tenth of the energy consumed by incandescent lamps, with an average life span of 10 years.
The luminous efficiency of LED lights varies from 20 lumens per watt to 55 lumens per watt.
While compact fluorescent bulbs also have good luminous efficiency, many people don\'t like them because they contain harmful mercury.
Mercury creates problems for both the environment and the health of occupants.
However, there is no such problem with LED lights.
They have no harmful substances at all.
In addition, they only need to be replaced once in ten years, so they produce very little waste.
So they are friendly to the environment.
There are many different types of LED bulbs.
If you need a focus light in one direction, then the LED flood light and the LED downlight are useful.
If you need to illuminate the diffuse light of the whole area evenly, the LED globe is useful.
People can also buy LED lights, dimmers and garden lights for their home or office.
How to buy LED light bulb?
Since LED bulbs are relatively expensive than compact fluorescent bulbs and last for nearly a decade, careful selection should be made.
Identify your needs
This includes the wattage of the bulb, the type of lighting required, and the location of the lighting required.
LED bulbs from 3v to 18 v, you can get anything.
3v LED bulbs are as good as 25w incandescent lamps, 12v LED bulbs are used for 50w incandescent lamps and 18v LED bulbs can be used where 100 w incandescent lamps are needed.
The lighting of these bulbs varies from manufacturer to construction.
Some 12v LED bulbs are equivalent to 40w incandescent lamps, while others are 60w incandescent lamps.
Therefore, the entire specification of the bulb should be checked before purchasing the LED light.
Luminous efficiency is one thing that can change the performance of the bulb.
Although most manufacturers offer bulbs with a Efficiency of 20 lumens per watt, it is better to purchase bulbs with efficiency between 40 lumens per watt and 55 lumens.
You should be sure of the color of the light you want.
It depends on your personal taste and the area that must be illuminated.
The color is usually represented by the temperature in Kelvin.
The low temperature of 2100 K indicates warm colors such as yellow, and the high temperature of 5100 K indicates cold colors such as blue.
Most people like the warm colors inside and the cold colors outside.
When purchasing LED bulbs, the beam angle is another factor that should be taken into account.
If you want to focus the light on a small area, it would be nice to have LED bulbs with a narrow beam angle of 15 to 30 degrees.
If you want to illuminate a large area with subtle lighting, then when the LED bulb spreads the light to a large area, select an LED bulb with a beam angle greater than 45 degrees.
It is not difficult to buy LED bulbs.
There are several online stores selling these lights.
Spend some time researching the types of LED lights available before purchasing.
Also compare their prices.
Most sellers offer warranty on these bulbs and you should check it before you reach a final deal.
You should buy one with at least one. year warranty.
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