led lighting technology

by:ILED     2019-11-25
The first full-
LED headlights completely changed vehicle lighting by providing many advantages over regular bulbs, including almost daytime-
White brightness, fast reaction time, low energy consumption and long service life.
More importantly, the use of LED technology gives designers the opportunity to create an unmistakable iconic look and a unique style visible during the day or night in clear weather or harsh conditions.
Fast and bright led lighting technology has produced a recent re-
However, people are surprised when they think that the size of a single LED or LEDs is only one square meter.
Each diode produces a large amount of white light, and when working in a combination of several other LEDs, these diodes are able to produce a color temperature of 5,500 on the Kelvin scale.
This means that the light on the road ahead is close to the color temperature of the daylight.
It is important when people think that the increased contrast perceived by the human eye can relax it and bring more comfort to the driver.
LED tail lamp technology can bring more benefits.
The trailing driver reacts ten times faster than the traditional bulb and can notice the brake lights of the leading car faster.
This speeds up the reaction time and creates a potentially shorter stop distance.
Regardless of the light conditions during the day, the use of LED daytime running lights ensures that other road users can see the vehicle quickly.
Under the conditions of heavy fog, strong winds and various weather conditions, experts suggest to turn on the dipped-
Solve this problem by using the beam headlights during the day or by using any additional daytime running lights.
Can be activated or deactivated automatically if needed, so that the immersion is activated when the light and rain sensors of modern luxury cars
Beam headlights, turn off the lights during the day.
As an added benefit, other road users can see these special daytime running lights quickly, no matter the light conditions during the day, than the normal dipped-Beam headlights.
This also reduces fuel consumption, while extending the working life of the down headlights.
The efficiency of the infinitely efficient LEDs is four times that of the halogen lamp, which requires less energy from the automotive alternator to supplement.
This not only saves fuel, but also greatly reduces carbon emissions.
More importantly, LED headlight technology requires zero maintenance and is designed for the life of the vehicle.
Combining daytime running lights with LED light sources has now become the standard for many luxury car models including cars, sports cars and sports cars.
LED lighting technology has greatly improved safety and efficiency, which is a sign of luxury cars.
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