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by:ILED     2019-11-27
It can be described as semiconductor devices that produce narrow spectral light in non-coherent beams when current passes through these devices.
This phenomenon is technically called luminous, in which the color of the emitted light depends on the chemical composition of the semi-conductive material used
UV, visible or infrared.
Terminal for LED manufacturersto-
The final solution to meet all LED lighting needs of home users and large industrial users, including replacement of parts and components, services and on-site repair facilities.
All major LED manufacturers operate websites with product and price details.
It also contains a comparison chart highlighting the manufacturer\'s product relative-à-
Vis products from other suppliers.
Customers have access to the website of a specific manufacturer and choose the best product from the available options.
They can also go through the relevant links for more information about specific types of LED devices.
Some manufacturers offer discount schemes for their products to clear old stock and increase sales.
If the size of the purchase order is large, the product will also be sold at wholesale price.
Large companies can plan LED lighting needs in advance and order them in bulk to save costs.
In addition to selling branded products, some manufacturers also operate second-hand, recycled and refurbished LED equipment that is relatively cheap than the new LED.
Manufacturers also carry out equipment enhancement work according to the needs of specific organizations.
Start-ups or companies that do not have enough funds can purchase used or refurbished LED equipment certified by the manufacturer.
The LED manufacturer\'s website also contains a detailed list of all authorized retailers and distributors that make up the dealer\'s network.
This makes it easier for customers to find the nearest store selling certified products.
These dealers offer special offers, rebates and gifts to registered customers to retain and reward loyal customers.
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