led price battle heats up as osram launches 10-euro bulb

by:ILED     2019-11-22
FRANKFURT (Reuters)-
Osram, Germany, will launch an LED bulb for less than 10 euros ($13. 10)
Compete with rivals such as Cree and Samsung Electronics for share of fast electronicsgrowing market. Light-
Known for flat lighting
Flat-screen TV
More and more other lights in homes, shops and streets are being replaced because they use less energy and are more durable.
However, they are much more expensive than incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps, which makes it impossible for consumers to buy LED lighting for their own homes.
A spokesman for the engineering group Siemens, which is splitting Osram, said Monday that the company\'s new 40-watt incandescent LED replacement will be retail at 9.
Germany is 95 euros from June.
At present, most similar LED bulbs in Europe sell for more than 15 euros.
Osram\'s statement came six weeks after the U. S. Release. S. -
The Corey-based company raised its quarterly earnings forecast, announcing it would sell a new LED bulb in the US for less than $10, replacing the 40-watt bulb.
McKinsey, a consultancy, estimates that the led market will more than seven times grow by 2020 to nearly 65 billion euros, accounting for most of the global demand for lighting.
The company expects that the market for replacement bulbs will peak next year, and then slow down as LED bulbs last longer than other types of lights, which means that the frequency of customers buying new bulbs is reduced
Osram said the life of the new LED bulb is 15 years.
As a promotion, it will also provide LED alternatives for 60 W incandescent lamps for less than 10 euros in a short period of time.
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