led programme ujala will be implemented across country by 2019: piyush goyal

by:ILED     2020-03-24
UJALA is scheduled to start in May 1, 2015.
Centre\'s ambitious national leadership programme-
Unnat Jyoti by providing affordable led for all (UJALA)--
Pew Goyal, minister of electricity and coal, said on Saturday that it will be implemented nationwide by 2019.
\"Since the launch of the UJALA program in May 1, a year ago, nine crore LED bulbs have been sold nationwide, meaning that people will benefit Rs 5,500 from the electricity bill.
It will be implemented nationwide by 2019, \"Goyal said in launching the plan in the central state.
\"In the country, nearly 77 crore incandescent lamps will be replaced until 2019, which will ensure that people benefit 40,000 crore rupees per year in electricity bills, which will lead to the country\'s need to achieve its energy security, this is very important for the country because it will reduce the reliability of coal.
Goyal gave an example, he said.
W led bulbs have the same brightness as 100-LED bulbs
Consume less than one incandescent lamp
A tenth of power.
\"If you save a unit of electricity, it means you save one.
\"The unit of power of the state,\" he explained . \".
Goyal spoke about the importance of the programme in ensuring national energy security when a power station generates 1, he said.
33 units, due to transmission problems, only one unit actually reached the hands of consumers. Cost of 9-
The w led bulb under the plan is only Rs 85, and Zhongyang state has set the goal of switching to this mode in the next mode --and-a-
This will make it the only country in the country to achieve its 100 target in this regard.
He praised the country\'s efforts to increase its renewable energy capacity to 1,500 MW in 2014.
15. jumped 100 to 3,000 MW in 201516.
The minister said that the world\'s largest solar power plant is about to be built in the Rewa district of the central state, and the state government is doing everything it can to get the prime minister to announce its establishment.
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced that under the guidance of UJALA, the center launched the ujwala program under which the government will provide LPG connectivity to poor women
He called on people to replace old lights with LED bulbs to save electricity and make it cheaper.
National energy minister Rajendra Shukla revealed that after selling the target 3 crore LED bulbs, the central state will order more 7 crore bulbs in the next phase.
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