leds: a holiday gift that keeps on giving

by:ILED     2019-12-11
Switch to energy-
Saving LED lighting to light up the holiday season, homes, businesses and streets in the United States may lower house prices in the United States. S.
Billions of dollars a year in electricity bills avoid millions of tons of pollution.
This is really a gift that is given constantly.
Change old inefficient bulbs to longer bulbs
Lasting, efficient, economic
Effective LED bulbs are easier than ever and there are plenty of options available today.
Add the led to your holiday shopping list and be sure to put some \"green\" in the pocket of the gift recipient and help the environment.
When choosing lighting to decorate your home, light your holiday with leds and give yourself a gift by purchasing LED lighting, which not only saves 80% more energy than traditional incandescent lamps, it has a variety of imaginable colors and shapes that can blink, and some strings are even like melted ice bars.
Unlike traditional incandescent Christmas tree lights, it\'s too hot to burn your fingers and the led is cool for touch.
Keep the power required for traditional 7-1
Today\'s burning Watt incandescent Christmas bulbs can power 140 LEDs-or two 24-
According to the United States, holiday lightsS.
Environmental Protection Bureau (EPA).
If all the decorative string in the United States meets energy star, EPA says®Energy-
To save money, we can reduce our electricity bill by 0. 7 billion kilowatt hours a year. -
This means that our utility bills save about $90 million a year.
Will buy a lot of gifts-
More than 25,000 brands
New Priuses, for example.
Saving all electricity can also avoid a lot of dirty power generation and pollution that can hurt our air and our children-so we will also give them a great holiday gift.
The LED solar lights can last 20,000 hours, so they will also flash for many years to come.
In a large box store, a string of 150 small solar lights costs about $12, or less, and it\'s a deal to pay for themselves by saving energy, considering how long they can stick to it.
If you are the kind of person who likes to create an outdoor holiday show, then the car will stop and admire your decor --
Outside the lawn, you may be able to reduce the holiday electricity bill by about $100 or more by using LED lights instead of old incandescent lights.
Not ready to give up your incandescent lamp yet?
You can reduce your energy consumption by turning them off during the day and/or timing them to make sure they don\'t burn when no one is at home or everyone sleeps at night.
How to stop the holiday lights?
Here\'s a bigger holiday gift suggestion: if we can get energy
Each of the 3 billion screws in the US has an efficient LED bulb
Based on sockets that still contain inefficient incandescent or halogen lamps, we can save up to $13 billion in electricity and 30 pieces of coal per year
Burn electricity from power plants.
You can start by buying new LED bulbs from stores like Home Depot and Walmart
A gift for Christmas or Hanukkah.
They start at about $10 and compared to your old 60, LED bulbs will save more than $150 over 25 years of life
The watt light bulb you change every year.
Once they \"see the light of the LEDs\", lucky gift recipients will want to buy more.
NRDC recently updated at\'s bulb shopping guide, which makes it very easy to choose the right LED bulb to replace those old, inefficient incandescent lamps.
Here are the charts in the guide to help you.
As you look out the window at Santa, take a moment to notice that the street lights are flashing in the dark and last 14 hours a day in the cold winter.
More than 26 million inefficient lights illuminate American streets, parking lots and highways.
If they\'re all magically converted into more energy
Efficient LED lights for Santa or striker
Municipalities that believe they want to make good investments to reduce electricity costs (
And the owner\'s tax bill)
While helping to reduce global warming pollution, we can save about a billion dollars a year.
More importantly, if the led continues to become more efficient, if each fixture (
Residential, outdoor, commercial and industrial)
In the United States, a project by the Department of Energy, we will save $30 billion a year in 2030.
It was a great gift for our wallet and environment.
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