leds for one lakh street lights

by:ILED     2020-03-20
According to a press release, GHMC has successfully replaced about one lakh street light bulb with an LED bulb in the past one and a half months.
According to the objectives set by the municipal department of administration and Urban Development (MAUD)
, The remaining 3.
55 lakh street lamps will also be fixed with LED bulbs by the end of the year, a press release said.
The note said that the exercise was conducted on a war-based basis and was completed in a short period of time compared to New Delhi and visaca patnam.
After the total installation is completed, GHMC can save about 201714.
The electricity bill is 72 crore per day, which is equivalent to a reduction of 58. 33 per cent.
The project is being coordinated with the joint venture Energy Efficiency Services Co. , Ltd. of the public sector unit of the central government\'s power sector.
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