less light on subsidised led bulbs: survey

by:ILED     2019-12-10
According to a survey conducted by citizen participation platform local circles, four % of consumers still don\'t know how to get LED bulbs subsidized by the Indian government.
The survey was conducted in 56 cities and 20 states.
The government has announced an LED distribution plan under which customers of the Power board are eligible to purchase LED bulbs at subsidized prices.
The plan was launched in April 2015.
The worst is in West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, with about 96% of respondents not aware of the government plan.
According to the survey, poor communication is one of the main reasons for the lack of awareness of the plan.
Consumers don\'t know the number of bulbs they can buy, where they buy them, and the paperwork they need.
\"The electricity board in each state is sent to the customer by mailing the bill.
\"Not many SEBs choose to use the bill to communicate this offer to consumers,\" reports from Localcircles . \".
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