let there be light bulbs

by:ILED     2019-11-19
Of all the controversies that Gaelic Collins set off in Washington in March 30, 2011, I found that the most popular was the struggle for federal bulb efficiency regulation.
\"Instead of a more streamlined, smarter government, we bought a bureaucracy that told us which bulbs to buy, \"the representative of Michele Bachmann complained in her tea party\'s response to the president\'s State of the Union address.
Bach man has a strong opinion on this matter.
She is the author of the light bulb Free Choice Act, which will repeal a requirement of the federal government, typically 100-
By 2012, the energy efficiency of watt bulbs had increased by 25%.
Bachmann hateshateshateshateshates hates this kind of thing, and as you expect from a woman, her Earth Day speech on 2009 was a tribute to CO2. (
\"This is part of the normal life cycle of the Earth. ”)
Advertising that the government denies us the right to buy inefficient bulbs has swept through some parts of the Republican Party.
Joe Barton, the sponsor of the better use of light bulbs bill in Texas, said that we are about to lose the bulbs, \"since Thomas Edison ended the era of A World Lit Only by Fire in 1879, this bulb has been turning back.
Barton\'s outlook for standard 100
Watt incandescent is such a hero that you will think it will have its own TV series.
Senator Jim Dement said: \"When Congress dictates which bulbs people in South Carolina have to buy, it is clear that Washington\'s\" nanny status \"is out of control,\" one of the 27 colleagues
The sponsors of a bill in the Senate called for the abolition of new efficiency standards.
The great thing about this battle is that it gave birth to predictions of widespread light --bulb-
Hoarding will make you forget about Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and the government that is about to close --down.
It\'s kind of like Donald Trump\'s presidential candidacy, it\'s just not that irritating.
Those who oppose the law claim that newer, more energy
Efficient and economical
While this does not seem to prevent American consumers from flocking away from incandescent lamps, the rescued bulbs offer a less pleasant light.
The National Association of electrical manufacturers says demand for this so-called beloved old bulb has dropped 50% over the past five years.
A person who is extremely cynical may suspect that all this is for political purposes only.
The chairman of the energy committee, Jeff Bingaman, said he was not actually accosted by any of his fellow senators who begged him to help the angry lightbulb enthusiasts get out of the woods.
\"I heard these statements at the committee hearing, but no one was lobbying me in the lobby,\" he said . \".
It was a well-known hearing at which Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky began to speak out about the light bulb and ended up complaining that the toilet in his home was broken.
\"You busy people always want to tell us how to live better,\" he said with passion . \".
\"I \'ve been waiting for 20 years to talk about how bad these toilets are.
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If Paul had been silent about his bathroom equipment since 1991, it might have helped a lot to explain his rather pessimistic view of the world.
But the key to his argument is at different times when he asks to know if Department of Energy Officer Catherine Hogan \"supports\"choice. ”“I’m pro-
The choice of light bulbs, \"said Hogan shrewdly.
Paul, who is not discouraged, claims that the Obama couple supports \"women\'s right to abortion,\" but, you don\'t approve of the right of a woman or a man to choose what kind of bulb.
\"The correct comparison of advertising here will be between energy --
Efficiency regulations and government rules set minimum standards for hygiene and medical care at the time of abortion.
If you\'re willing to ignore the fact that any attempt to equate abortion with a bulb is totally crazy.
This is a typical tea party for grass and horses.
Paul managed to confuse the bulb regulations with what his supporters hated (
Abortion/Federal government tell me what to do)
While ignoring the rules is closer to what they like, such as guaranteeing that if they go to the standard of a hospital or clinic, the place will be clean and have qualified personnel.
Although Rand Paul\'s crowd blamed Obama for the light bulb regulations, they were actually signed into law by George w. Bush in 2007. Bush. And as Roger A. Pielke Jr.
Professor Boulder University of Colorado wrote in a column in The Times
Washington has been standard lately-
Since 1894, \"When Congress regulates the meaning of common scientific measurements today, including ohms, volts, Watts and Henry, in accordance with international standards.
\"You have to wonder if, as early as 1894, the federal government tried to tell an American citizen how big his ohm should be and whether it caused widespread protests.
A version of this op
Ed was printed on page A27 of The New York edition on March 31, 2011 with the title: Let have light bulbs.
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