lifx bulb switches on and off with iphone app

by:ILED     2020-03-21
Phil Bosua and his worldwide best-selling LIFX bulbs.
Image source: WI-News Co. , Ltd-FI-
Enabled bulbs that are controlled by mobile phones and send out 1 million colors sound like something Jetson sent out directly, but in just a few months the Australian invention will light up families around the world.
Created by Phil Bosua, a 38-year-old Melbourne designer, LIFX bulbs fix screws on existing fixtures and connect to your home\'s wi-
The Fi network allows you to turn it on and off, dim it from a simple smartphone app and change its color.
Energy-efficient LED bulbs can also be programmed to gradually turn on or off to wake you up or help you sleep, or even turn your house into a nightclub by syncing the lights with the music.
Bosua\'s bulb changed from a crazy concept to a global best seller in 12 months, thanks to an online fundraising campaign that earned more than $1.
Sales reached 3 million in less than a week.
Now he has 18 full-time employees working in Melbourne and Palo Alto, California, and the first batch of 25,000 LIFX bulbs will be available in June.
\"I think the bulb is ready for a re-invention and it may have expired, which may be the reason why people use it so quickly and passionately,\" he said . \".
Priced at $79 each, 20 times more expensive than regular bulbs
More than 25 though-
A few years later, they earn just over $3 a year.
LIFX, Bosua says, is not so much an evolution of bulbs as a \"revolution \".
\"We think this will change people\'s behavior and the way they actually use lights at home,\" he said . \".
\"We\'re a bit parallel from black and white to color, and we think that\'s going to have such a big impact.
\"Soon, he said, the lights will be transferred from restaurants to nightclubs to daily life.
Half the reason we went was
Restaurants and nightclubs)
\"We may not be aware of it, but it is because of the atmosphere created and color lighting is a big part of it,\" he said . \".
\"Once the sun goes down, there is no ordinary white light in my home anymore --
If we had a glass of wine after dinner, we would have liked a delicious burnt orange or even lavender, which was even more refreshing.
\"We think that once people experience this feeling, they will want to bring the same feeling to their homes every day.
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