light bulb attack sheds more heat than light: our view

by:ILED     2020-03-01
There are two ways to look at the great debate about bulbs.
One of the reasons is that in order to save energy, the government has installed more efficient bulbs on about 4 billion bulb sockets across the country, which is an outrageous violation of personal freedom.
Another is an interesting Internet site of Cree\'s ultra-efficient LEDs last year (LED)
Light bulb: \"The light bulb of your home was invented by Thomas Edison in 1879.
Now think about this with your 2013 brain.
While your eldest son is standing looking for wolves, are you still washing clothes by the creek? \"REP.
Burgess: let consumers decide on Watt\'s trillion-dollar bill of consumption, enacted last week as a law, which makes people agree with the first view.
It banned the federal government from spending money to force the gradual elimination of familiar incandescent lamps.
This makes tea party activists very happy.
Freeing the government from American lighting is one of their constant demands.
But it may be too late now, nothing different.
Bill 2007 signed by President George W.
Bush has been raising energy efficiency standards to introduce the old
Popular bulbs in the past two years.
Traditional bulbs can only convert one
A tenth of their electricity is turned into light;
The rest is wasted. Energy-
Old 100-save rules
On January 2012, the watt bulb was outdated, followed by 75-
Last year, watt and 40-watt and 60-
We have watt bulbs this month.
You can still find the old one.
But inventory is decreasing.
Light bulb manufacturers and retailers have basically started to act.
The survey shows that the same is true for most consumers.
Yes, the love for traditional bulbs is strong, and the first alternatives are hard to enjoy.
Warm up is expensive and slow.
Some people produce light that people feel unpleasant.
Competition and innovation solve most of the problems, including prices.
Squily, which used to cost as much as $35 per bulb, now usually costs $2 or less.
The Led is still more expensive but more efficient, those who want the old led
Can buy modified incandescent lamp
Except that they used less electricity for about a quarter.
This is the problem.
New bulbs may cost more, but they use a lot less power and last so much longer that they pay for themselves.
In general, replacing new bulbs can save power generated by 30 power plants
According to the Natural Resources Conservation Commission, it is enough to provide electricity to every household in Texas.
Critics complain that the government is \"picking winners,\" but the bill signed by Bush is correct: it sets efficiency standards that manufacturers can meet in any way they like, the results can be seen in any hardware store-
Great choice for competing bulbs.
Not every government.
Mandatory standards work well or justify their existence, but the bulb rules have promoted significant innovation and have saved a lot of power.
The boom in oil and gas production has brought the country closer to energy independence, and it\'s time to backtrack the bulbs.
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