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by:ILED     2019-11-23
Naseeruddin Siddiqui strolls on the Prabhu market in Sewa Nagar, his eyes and ears are both eyes and ears, footreta Ekta Manch
Shri Ram\'s face is clearly filled with pride as he shares with Shahdara\'s peers the supplier\'s experience with the solar lights they are using now.
The Prabhu market near the Lodi Colony, essentially a fruit seller, is in the throes of change.
As a radical move, a market of 50 street vendors may have become the first market in Delhi to use solar lights.
They are custom designed and owned by the supplier.
Siddiqui wants to replicate it in the Shahdara market, which is working to resolve the power issue.
Siddiqui and Shri Ram no one but two young souls to thank
Praniti Maini and Palak Aggarwal, all their efforts were created by themselves.
As a student at the University of Terry pursuing a master\'s degree in sustainable development practice, the two wandered around the Vasant Vihar market looking for one of their projects, with sudden power outages leading to complete power outages in the area.
\"We joked that this would not happen if there were solar lights on the market.
But it stays in our minds all the time, and we start looking for the solar lights, recall praniti, he wanted to know how things started with pure joking turned into an ambitious project called \"change suppliers\" that was designed to promote clean energy in urban areas
They intend to replace traditional light sources used by suppliers/vendors/mobile markets with custom designed solar lights.
\"In most markets, we find that suppliers either use electricity from illegal sources or rely on LPG cylinders, and some even rely on kerosene lamps, which are now banned.
A recent phenomenon is the use of daily rental lights.
Each market has a local lighting provider that charges Rs. 15-
11-30 per night
15 W tube/bulb up to Rs.
100 for larger bulbs.
They are local entrepreneurs.
So we started with the market in Vasant Kunj on Monday, trying to convince the suppliers there, and local mobs followed.
If we can persuade the suppliers, their business will be interrupted.
However, they did turn on some lights in the market.
Praniti and Palak received scholarships from Swechcha post, a non-governmental organization, who began looking for markets.
\"The biggest challenge is to convince suppliers that they don\'t believe that light can be produced using solar energy.
\"They will think we will take them for a ride,\" said Parak . \".
Finally, due to the intervention of President Shri Ram, the supplier of Prabhu Market agreed to use it.
\"Developing products that fit their needs is another daunting task.
It has to be safe and portable due to the transfer of markets by many suppliers.
Fear has given way to relief and confidence.
34 suppliers
Fruit sales shop, kiosks kiosk, even hair salon
It was a pleasure to find a solution to their problem.
\"There was no system earlier.
We used to steal electricity or rely on other expensive liquefied petroleum gas.
It\'s good to have something of your own.
I charge in the morning and it can easily last for about five hours or more, \"said Shyamsunder Jha, one of the vendors.
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