Lighting has a very important role to play within the home

by:ILED     2020-06-12
We explore further in this article: Contemporary lampshade design At this year's Designs of the Year awards at the Design Museum, London, two extraordinary concept were unveiled. The first, a 'Surface Tension Lamp' from Front design group is an ever-changing light, continually creating a single bubble which acts as a sphere shade around the bulb. The LED light lasts up to 50000 hours, and can produce 3 million different globe shade bubbles. A magnificent sight to behold, the Surface Tension Lamp is certainly eye catching, but is it a practical piece for the home? The second concept unveiled was a multi-purpose 'Plug Lamp' from Scandinavian designers, Form Us With Love. In a day and age where there are just never enough plug sockets for our multitude of gadgets, can we expect more multi-purpose home furnishings in the future? The Revival of Vintage There's no denying that vintage is back and it's here to stay. From vintage-inspired designers such as Cath Kidston to sourcing the real thing at flea markets and auction websites, vintage style home decorations are in demand. Vintage lampshades are a must for any bygone-era enthusiast, and with large furniture companies such as Ikea selling affordable, vintage-inspired stock, traditional lampshades may well continue to adorn our homes well into the future. Eco-Friendly Design With dwindling resources and the worry of climate change, a big consideration for many is how to make their home environmentally friendly. When examining energy consumption in the home, lighting is a big factor. LED bulbs are long-lasting and use less energy than traditional bulbs, and are now dotted across many homes. While it's a good idea to upgrade to LED's, what about the lampshades? Environmentally-conscious designers are now sourcing natural, renewable, and recycled materials to create home furnishings. The concept of 'upcycling' is becoming increasingly popular: re-purposing unloved materials and items to create unique, one-of-a-kind lampshades, while reducing the need for landfill in the process. So, does the future of lampshades lie in contemporary, state of the art design? Or will we forever revert back to traditional, vintage pieces? Could the drive to become more environmentally aware affect the future of lampshades too? We will, in time, find out.
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