Luxor is popular city of Egypt located in Southern

by:ILED     2020-09-07
Temple of Hatshepsut is one interesting cultural site to visit with the family and children. This is religious attraction which gave an opportunity to learn about once powerful ruler in Egypt. This temple is dazzling as it is constructed into the sea cliff side. If you are planning holidays in Luxor with kids they will have fun playing with the musical instruments available on the road side here. People here are friendly and environment is really pleasurable to spend great time. Another recognized attraction is Karnak Temple it is a must visit place when visiting Luxor with kids. Fascinating culture and amazing history of this temple make this an outstanding place. While enjoying Luxor holidays you can find child friendly guides to keep them engage in interesting activities. Kids will find irresistible watching out huge columns with hieroglyphics. You can also learn some hieroglyphics to amuse your kids. Don't drop the chance to see the huge granite scarab (beetle) here kids will love running around it three times as fairy tale and will feel eternal happiness overall. In the evening times enjoy light and sound show at the temple that is voiced by the Pharaohs. It is pretty unpleasant but the kids will learn more about the history of Egypt and will get a kick out of it. Hot Air Balloon rides are an interesting way to travel around while enjoying holidays in Luxor. There are some corporations providing this service but be sure to check the protection proof of the companies before reserving. This is quite suitable for older children as they will need to sit and watch over the basket in balloons. These flights are available early morning so carry something warm to cover yourself. Space Observers is one of the most exclusive things to do in Luxor tours with the kids. Move towards the deserts in the evening time where you will be greeted by a Bedouin family. Enjoy drinks or an Egyptian meal cooked in local spices. Two powerful telescopes are available there and you can do some star gazing and watch some planets and moon. Young kids and teenagers love this space observation. You can arrange your booking online as well.
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