meet the ge exec who\'s reinventing thomas edison\'s light bulb

by:ILED     2019-12-19
NEW YORK (TheStreet)--
Whether in her own career or in iconic products like Thomas Edison\'s light bulb, remodeling is what Beth Comstock knows.
As vice chairman of General Electric, this is the skill she needs (GE -Get Report)
CEO Jeffrey Immelt is reshaping its iconic manufacturer to focus on its industrial roots.
Comstock is the first in 137-year-
The old company, and the career path that led her there, were significantly different from her vision of becoming a doctor at first.
\"You have to take your advantage,\" said Comstock, 55, who received a degree in biology from William and Mary\'s College in 1982, transitioning to Science News, finally, the ranking on NBC has risen (CMCSA -Get Report)
Communications Department of the company.
This TV network belongs to Fairfield, Connecticut. -
At that time, it was headquartered in GE, 1998, when-
CEO Jack Welch promoted her to vice president of communications at the parent company.
Shortly after Jeffrey Immelt took over as CEO of Welch, he promoted Comstock to chief marketing officer.
\"I\'m a very business person --
\"I am an innovative person and I have been able to work with many great colleagues on a path,\" she said in a telephone interview . \".
\"I have had a very different experience and have worked in a very different career in a company.
\"Comstock\'s current role includes overseeing GE\'s innovation, as well as GE Lighting, venture capital and licensing, sales and communications, and corporate marketing.
Immelt said in a statement announcing her promotion to vice president this week: \"Beth has a good reputation both inside and outside GE because she has changed the business and become a digital innovation and growth
\"She is a pioneer in our investment in industrial internet ---
We are moving to digital industrial companies.
\"While her current duties seem to be far from journalism, Comstock quickly points out one thing in common.
\"The thing about the news and the media is that you know a lot of people who tell great stories and work with them,\" she said . \".
\"You know storytelling is basic and it\'s very important in our business.
\"A clear narrative is essential for a complex and diverse company like GE to maintain the attention of customers and investors.
\"Your customers need to know what you represent and what you are doing,\" she said . \".
Comstock is particularly enthusiastic about the company\'s industrial Internet, an attractive name for an esoteric cloud --
Network-based, connect industrial equipment using GE\'s proprietary Predix software to optimize business performance from wind farms to railways.
\"Our idea is to adopt software and analytics technology to make our hardware perform better and deliver better performance to our customers,\" she said . \".
\"You are looking for a new business model.
New ways of generating revenue and providing services to customers.
\"According to Comstock, the future of predix may be in the illuminated town.
GE has partnered with San Diego, California.
And Jacksonville, Florida.
In terms of establishing the basic level of lighting connections, Comstock expects more contracts in the coming year.
\"Lighting is just a good example . \"
\"This is our oldest business, and the seeds of GE are planted in light bulbs.
The latest and most dynamic LED bulb development-
According to Comstock, effective alternatives to incandescent lamps developed by Edison make it easier to embed controls and sensors into systems from home to office and factory.
\"One fixture can talk to the other;
A lamppost in a city can talk to another lamppost.
\"It allows you to handle things remotely, but it allows you to connect to Predix over time.
The city can be illuminated on Predix.
\"GE Lighting\'s business is also changing: medical, aviation, oil and gas are sharing technology to reduce profits at a low cost and open up the way forward,\" she said.
\"In a job like mine, you can work horizontally across the company, connect these points, and see things are much more similar than different,\" she said . \".
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