more efficient led light bulbs to replace incandescent light bulbs

by:ILED     2020-03-11
Today, after Thomas Edison obtained the patent for incandescent lamps on 131, Edison was realized by using LED replacement bulbs --like quality.
More LED lights (
Entering the United States. S.
As a market for Congress
Forced elimination of Edison horseand-
The creation of the carriage era begins next year. Cree, Inc.
It has come up with the brightest and most efficient LED bulbs to replace ordinary household incandescent lamps, Thursday said.
\"This is the first choice under the age of 60 not to give up
Chuck Swoboda, chairman and chief executive of the company, said in the announcement.
\"In the low-commercial competitioncost, energy-
Efficient LED bulbs, the industry has forgotten that the design of LED lighting is as good as the technology it is changing.
\"The bulbs that are not currently available in the store are dimmable and use less than 10 watts.
This will be the first LED to implement the United States, Swoboda said. S.
In terms of efficiency and light quality, the government\'s Energy Star 60-watt replacement light bulb is a prerequisite.
Lighting Science Group has created a new led group called the Definity series.
Home Depot has started selling nine of it.
Watt leads the Internet and shops.
Other companies have also introduced LED alternatives for incandescent lamps.
The Lighting Science Group mentioned last month that this was the firstS.
The company will produce 1 million LED bulbs in less than a year.
It shows a 60-19 LED replacement
Dimmable Watt incandescent lamp, Mercury-
Free, 80% more efficient.
It says it will be under $30 in Home Depot stores starting this month.
Upgrade 60 too-
Best incandescent lamp in America
Royal Philips Electronics launched a 12-
Watt Endura LED and Osram Sylvania released its Ultra 12-watt A-
Line LED bulbs will be sold at Lowe\'s this year.
LED alternatives are also available at GE.
Americans know more about the coming US. S.
Requirements for energy-efficient lighting, but according to a mobile phone market survey released last month by Osram siwania, many people don\'t know anything about their views.
More than 3rd points, or more than 36% points, they said they understood that Congress had passed a legislation in 2007 to phase out many traditional incandescent lamps by 2014, it was higher than 26% in 2009 and 21% in 2008.
However, only 19% believe that 100
Watt incandescent will be the first bulb to stop using from the USS.
Stores starting in January. 1, 2012.
California began phasing out this month, a year earlier than the United States. S. plan.
Overall, LED bulbs will be the future of home and commercial lighting that will save not only money, but also the planet.
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