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by:ILED     2020-03-18
PATNA: Indian families are rapidly adopting LED bulbs in order to save energy for their families.
Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
Under UJALA of GOI, more than 8 crore LED bulbs are distributed annually in 125 cities across the country (
Unnat Jyoti for all by affordable led)scheme.
This achievement reflects the contribution of citizens to improving energy efficiency.
Efficient domestic lighting is one of the largest energy-saving contributors in the world.
Distribution of 8 crore LED bulbs-implemented in 12 months --
Resulting in more than 2 savings per day.
84 crore kWh-able to light more than 20 lakh homes in 365 days, saving costs.
In addition to the savings per unit cost, the country also benefits from reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 23,000 tons per day, an Energy Department official said.
Currently UJALA plans to be in Bihar state, Rajasthan state, Maharashtra state, Karnataka state, Kerala state, Uttar Pradesh state, Himachal state
More countries and regions will soon start the country programme.
According to the data provided by GOI, more than 1 in less than two weeks.
As of March 18, 45 lakh LED bulbs were distributed among consumers in different parts of the state.
More than 57 lakh power consumers in Bihar will benefit from the state government\'s domestic high-efficiency lighting program, launched in March 9.
As part of the plan, 5.
Seven crore LED bulbs will be distributed in the state.
10 9 w LED bulbs will be provided per home
The price of each piece is between Rs 300 and Rs 500.
At a speed of Rs 100 per piece.
The more they save on their monthly electricity bills, the more they spend on milk, vegetables and fruits for household consumption, an official said.
UJALA Program-
Limited by energy efficiency services (EESL)-
It has been widely accepted in rural and urban areas throughout the country.
The main reason for this large-scale adoption is that LED bulbs provide consistent brightness even at low voltage.
LED bulbs sold under UJALA plan are 1 out of 3 of the market price, these quality bulbs also come with three
One year free warranty.
The lighting industry accounts for about the total consumption in India.
At present, most of the lighting needs in the domestic and public lighting sectors are met by inefficient traditional bulbs.
GOI is committed to achieving the goal of replacing all 77 crore inefficient bulbs in India with LEDs.
This will reduce the load by 20,000 MW and save energy and greenhouse gases at 100 billion kWh (GHG)
80 million tons per year.
It is estimated that this is equivalent to the establishment of approximately five large thermal power plants in the country.
The country will also save Rs.
Consumer electricity costs Rs 40,000.
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