\'most energy-efficient\' light bulb shines on kickstarter

by:ILED     2019-12-22
An eye-
Capture the invention that produces up to 100 light
Watt incandescent lamps, which use only the eighth power supply, have become a crowdfunding star for three graduates from the University of Toronto.
Known as \"the most energetic lamp in the world --
The \"efficient light bulb\" raised $133,022 in the United States. S.
Crowdfunding site Kickstarter and generate pre-
Since the project began seeking support in January, more than 3,000 light bulbs have been ordered. 7.
The project initially wanted to raise $20,000.
\"This is incredible for us,\" said Jimmy Chu, product developer at Nanolight, a company he founded with Tom Rodinger and Christian Yan, two former teammates of the University of Toronto solar vehicle project met with them on 2005.
\"The next step is to build the production line so we can start production for all of our supporters.
\"People who have already pledged $30 or more to the project on Kickstarter may become one of the first Nanolight to ship them three versions directly for free :-
10 watts, equivalent to 75 watts
Incandescent lamps in Watt. -
12 watts, equivalent to 100-
Incandescent lamps in Watt. -
The brighter 12-
Watt bulbs, \"use the best components available without considering the price \".
\"In order to achieve this efficiency, we had to redesign the whole idea of the LED bulb from scratch,\" Chu recalled, about three years ago he started working on the project with Rodinger and Yan.
Their design consists of a circuit.
A board with LEDs attached, folded into the shape of a bulb, inserted into a conventional lighting device.
\"In this way, it\'s a bit like a traditional incandescent lamp because it can shine in all directions,\" Chu said . \".
According to the Nanolight team, there are only a few LED lighting products on the market like 100-
Incandescent lamps in Watt.
The Nano light is almost half the weight of the compact fluorescent light bulb and, unlike the fluorescent light bulb, it turns on immediately.
Potential customers will have the opportunity to advance
Order Nanolight on Kickstarter until March 8.
The Nanolight team is currently working on other bulb models, including dimmable bulbs.
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