music teacher’s ‘star wars’ christmas light show dazzles community, internet

by:ILED     2020-01-05
Now witness the power of this fully operational light show!
Music teacher Tom BetGeorge in the San Francisco Bay Area has attracted national attention for paying tribute to Star Wars during this festival.
\"To be honest, it\'s a bit surreal.
In an interview with Yahoo News, he said: \"This is humbling.
\"I expect a lot of people [would]
Like Star Wars, but I didn\'t expect it to explode like that.
About 100,000 carefully choreographed lights accompany some of the most well-known themes of composer John Williams in this sensational space opera, including the Imperial March (
Theme of Darth Vader)
\"Binary Sunset\" and \"Cantina Band.
BetGeorge is a music instructor at the Oakland college of Vocal Arts and the Presbyterian Church of Fremont centville, and especially likes the \"Duel of fate \".
\"I teach chorus, the chorus part of this song is too epic --
He said.
BetGeorge says he may have spent a total of about 1,000 hours working on the lighting show, but most of the time building decorations from scratch with wood, metal, acrylic and corrugated plastic.
These props include singing face, candy cane, drum kit, 17-
A 19-foot guitarLong-footed piano.
The lights on the roof are in the store --bought.
After everything is completed, it will take about a month to install the Yuletide monitor, which is connected by a cable of about two miles and 5,000 wires.
If you look closely, you will find the correct notes throughout.
\"I have to do a lot of trials and errors in order for the time to match,\" he said . \".
He also organized a show for last year\'s very successful Disney animated film \"Frozen\" hit song \"Let Go.
\"BetGeorge says his neighbors are very supportive of him and he has taken precautions to make sure the show doesn\'t become their annoyance.
He made sure that the audience would not block any Lane or disrupt traffic.
Taking kids to places like Disneyland can be expensive, so BetGeorge wants to give some free Christmas gifts to his community\'s family.
If someone wants to leave a tip, he will raise money on the website for free catering in centville, a project in his church that offers free meals twice a week for homeless and poor people.
They also provide consulting services as needed.
\"I am a Christian.
The Bible says it\'s more important to care for the poor than anything else, \"said George.
\"I don\'t think it\'s an analogy.
I think that\'s literal.
\"From the 6 th, you can see the light show at the corner of the Lafayette King Road and Ruschin Drive in Newark10 p. m. , barring rain.
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