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by:ILED     2020-03-05
MYSURU: The Palace will continue to shine in bright yellow when illuminated.
Proposal to replace incandescent lamps with energy
Energy-saving LED bulbs may be dropped.
Palace board authorities are keen to replace traditional bulbs to reduce energy consumption, but they are not convinced of the appearance of the \"silver Palace\" and do not want to replace the old bulbs.
However, if there is a golden LED bulb, they have the option to use it.
The central government decided to phase out incandescent lamps in the next three years, completely stop producing 100 W bulbs in 2015, completely stop producing 60 W bulbs in 2016, and completely stop producing 40 W bulbs in 2017.
After Green activists launched a campaign against incandescent lamps, authorities in the Forbidden City are considering a change.
A brightly lit Mysuru Palace is a major attraction.
Every weekend, holiday and holiday, thousands of tourists and locals are waiting to take a look.
Some young people and tourists even go to the Chamundi mountains and can see different palaces.
Despite concerns that LED bulbs will change the situation, authorities in the Forbidden City have considered this as it will reduce energy consumption.
After many studies, they decided to give up the project.
Sathish H, assistant executive engineer (electrical)
Mysuru Palace Board said the government made the decision a while ago because LED bulbs may not be as durable as incandescent lamps.
In addition, it will change from gold to silver. Specially-made screw-type 15-
Watt bulbs are used and are exposed to sunlight, rain and wind all year round.
Birds and monkeys can also hurt them.
About 15,000 cheap items are replaced each year.
LED bulbs may not be durable and expensive.
TS subamanya, deputy director of the Palace Board, told TOI, \"We checked with various LED bulb manufacturers about the replacement of incandescent lamps, but they did not meet our requirements.
We ask the manufacturer if they can supply a special LED bulb-
Bright yellow or gold with screws-type base.
The bulb is now white and has a pin seat.
We are only ready to replace the light bulb when it has gold.
He added, \"We have replaced LED bulbs for floodlights and decorative lights at the palace grounds.
\"Light up: * except for the last day of Mahalaya Amavasya and Muharram, on all holidays, holidays and Sundays, starting at seven o\'clock P. M, the palace will light up for 45 minutes all ten days from seven o\'clock P. M. to ten o\'clock P. M. lighting * The Palace has more than 96,000 incandescent lamps * Mysuru Palace council authorities pay Rs 5
Power consumption * 6 times per month during the Dasala month, the history page generates an additional 2 power consumption: TG Lakhmana Rao, in his book of the city of Mysore, 1915, \"lighting is not a new member of the palace.
The structure is provided high as the new Mysore Palace project is underway
Electrical lighting and connection to the corfrie power station.
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