nema: future shines bright for the light bulb revolution

by:ILED     2019-12-13
The lighting revolution is underway, led by consumers, retailers and manufacturers.
Current sales make it clear that members and consumers of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association are driving the market to more energy
Efficient lighting equipment.
This is a story of market success, mainly within and outside the scope of government regulation set by Congress.
On 2007, Congress directed Universal light bulbs
Standard pear
All consumers of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and LED technology are familiar with the shape bulb-
In each universal bulb socket, each watt bulb consumes less energy than 45 lumens. (
Lumens per watt is a measure of bulb efficiency. )
Surprisingly, with the federal standard of bulb efficiency unchanged, the market surpassed Congress\'s goal.
In the third quarter of 2017, LED bulbs became the first in the world.
Selling technology in the general service lamp category, its share continues to grow, surpassing the compact fluorescent lamp (CFLs)
And halogen incandescent lamps.
It is expected that by the end of this year, LED bulbs and CFLs will account for at least 80% of the General Service lights in sockets, and halogen lamps will account for about 20%.
According to estimates by the American Film Association, the weighted average efficacy of the three technologies for these lights is close to 69 lumens per watt, exceeding Congress\'s 2007 targets.
Our point is to keep the light bulb out of the dark. The same trend has occurred for other types of consumer bulbs, including LED backlights and LED decorative lights.
Last year, LED backlight shipments exceeded incandescent lamps for the first time, and LED shipments of these lamps are expected to continue to penetrate the backlight socket in a larger number.
The turning point of consumer energy adoption --
The efficient bulb has already appeared, and the efficiency revolution of lighting is rolling forward, not backward.
Kevin Cosgriff is the president and CEO of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).
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