now, forest fringes sport party lights

by:ILED     2020-01-09
The pulsating multi-color LED lights are often found on the party floor to create a dramatic atmosphere, but Wayanad\'s Forest Department has invented different uses.
To protect wildlife, especially elephants and wild boars, beating lights are deployed on the bays of the human habitat on the edge of the forest.
Although the department dug elephant ditches, erected fences and biological pollution, and even built huge stone walls to alleviate human suffering
In the case of animal conflicts, none of these have achieved the desired results.
\"However, it turns out that using a rotating multi-color LED light is an effective way to curb wildlife threats,\" V.
Ratheesan, a shooting range officer at the Chethalayath forest range at the South warald forest division, told Hindus.
\"A few months ago, we installed floodlights on the edge of a forest in palvelicom under Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, according to the needs of the public.
We found that the number of wildlife entering the area has been greatly reduced . \"Ratheesan said.
\"One of my college friends suggested installing rotating LED lights in Manthadam near Neykuppa, where wildlife poses a serious threat to human habitat after wildlife, he said: \"Especially the wild elephants, reach the village by crossing the niccopa River. \".
The experiment has been a great success, and they have installed up to 14 such lights in the human habitat on the edge of the Chethalayath Forest Range, where animals enter the human or level the trenches through the corridors they create, either destroy the power fence.
The installation cost of each LED light system with batteries is £ 4 k.
\"Due to the arrangement of the forest sector, we were able to harvest nearly 40 acres of rice fields in the area this year without any wildlife disruption,\" said thmachan Nadavayal, an edge farmer in the area.
Now, the department plans to distribute the LED bulbs to the 30 farmers collective in the area. Ratheesan said.
It is not practical to build a light net along the entire forest boundary, but it can be used in corridors created by animalsRatheesan said.
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