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by:ILED     2020-03-06
Winner of a $10 million government competition
There are efficient bulbs here.
Does anyone want it?
The Obama administration announced last year that it would be awarded $10 million to the company, which can produce a light bulb that is both eco-friendly and eco-friendly.
Friendly and affordable.
LED bulbs made by Philips are coming soon.
Only one question: $50.
On the other hand, the price of your standard incandescent lamp hovers in the $1 area.
The $10 million award, known as the L Award, is part of the government\'s phase-out of all energy plans
Waste incandescent lamps in the next few years.
But could Obama\'s $50 light bulb be worth it?
No one will pay $50 for a light bulb: retailers across the country say this innovation has been called the \"Cadillac\" of the bulb, says Peter Whoriskey of The Washington Post: \"It\'s too expensive to have a broad appeal. \".
Consumers may see it as a luxury, especially since \"similar LED bulbs cost less than half \".
\"How it won the L award, one of the\" curious \"of the country\'s transition to energy\"
Efficient bulbs have been formed. \"Government-
\"Actually, Philips bulbs are a huge cost --
Of course, $50 may sound expensive, said Merrill Lynch Goozner of the Financial Times.
But LED bulbs are one of the most expensive
Consumers can invest effectively.
\"Philips bulbs will last for 10 years, using only 10 watts to produce the same light as 60 wattswatt bulb.
In the past decade, consumers will deduct $100 from their electricity bills.
For businesses that have to hire workers to replace bulbs, \"The savings are huge.
In any case, the Obama administration should not be involved in \"a $50 light bulb can save you a fortune\": \"Ah, yes, who knows more about efficiency than the federal government?
Asked don Subber at the Charleston Daily Mail.
Government incentives are not ways to encourage energy.
Efficient bulb.
\"People will think that the market will solve this problem.
\"Obama spent $10 million developing a $50 light bulb\" See more: Obama rejected the Keystone pipeline: the winner and losersView this week\'s article.
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