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by:ILED     2020-02-29
It lights up the world and shows us all our paths.
It serves the president, the Prince and the poor with equal enthusiasm.
It brings works from Yates, Joyce, Rowling and Trudeau to millions of beds --
Help countless people in the world avoid stub feet in the dark.
Now, it is no longer.
Say goodbye to traditional bulbs.
With the midnight bell ringing, as the mechanical illuminator of human existence, the light of your reign will dim. Rest in peace.
This is not a sudden death.
A few years ago, in 2007, President George w. Bush made the diagnosis.
Bush signed a law to replace standard incandescent lamps with more efficient bulbs. Much more.
The Environmental Protection Agency says only about 10% of the energy used by these traditional bulbs is used for lighting. Seventy-five-and 100-
Watt bulbs have been banned this year.
Production of 40 and 60-prohibited-watt bulbs --
The most popular in the country--
2014 started at the beginning.
\"There are 4 billion light bulb sockets in the United States. S.
More than 3 billion of people still use standard incandescent technology, which hasn\'t changed much in 125, \"EPA said.
\"The efficiency of standard incandescent lamps is only 10% ---
The other 90% of electricity it uses is lost as heat.
\"It\'s the dawn of a new day.
Halogen lamps, compact fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs and high-efficiency incandescent lamps have become the focus of attention.
While CNNMoney has covered all these businesses behind it, and on New Year\'s Eve, the struggle around whether this is a sign of excessive government intervention, we left with the sad feeling of saying goodbye to you, sweet standard--
At the same time, we know that your legacy will radiate our world more brightly than ever before.
Born on or after 1803, and based on how you measure it, you, in all of your transformed US and China, are raised by more parents ---
The Department of Energy noted that Humphrey David, James Bowman Lindsay, William Sawyer, Arjen Mann, Joseph Swan, and of course Thomas Edison.
Although unlike President Obama, you do not have a birth certificate, we will always cherish Edison\'s patent for you from January 27, 1880.
We are pleased to know that he may be happy to see you leave gracefully to make way for the next generation.
\"Thomas Edison is a patriot. He is a futurist. He is a green person.
After the end of the last century, Edison was concerned with pollution and non-renewable resources, not technological change in 1879, \"said David Edward Edison Sloan, Thomas Edison\'s great-grandson, for CNN.
The title is \"Edison will like the new law of light bulbs \".
\"Some people are not ready to let go, though.
And, to some extent, they don\'t have to do that either.
Like all laws, there are also some loopholes. Three-
Standard incandescent lamps will continue to be produced.
Yes, we live in the era of a space station where computers are extremely fast and we can get almost any information we need.
But no one can take away the glory of the Clickclick-
Click on you at our hotel to give us-room lamps.
So for those who can\'t leave you yet, some enterprising shopkeepers have a plan.
\"Any ordinary light you can get from on-and-off to a three-
By the way, we do this for our clients here, \"Doug satfield, Hardware owner of Lorier\'s Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania, told CNN affiliate KDKA. But in the not-so-
We know that your glittering presence in our lives is disappearing in the long run.
Today\'s children will not know you as they did in previous generations. At CNNMoney.
A commenter who claims to be mud Willie expressed his concerns-
And won hundreds of \"votes\" for this \". \"Great.
All my baking is done in a small oven, and the heat source in the oven is the light bulb. Now what?
\"Don\'t worry, mud Willie. The Easy-
The oven changes with the times.
\"Light bulbs are no longer needed!
Hasbro said in his advertisement
Baked Ultimate Oven. As greenbiz.
According to ABC, Hasbro revised its classics against the new law.
Taking over the New Light of our lives will bring happiness and reduce the wasted energy ---
Maybe it\'s a beautiful new beginning.
Still, we still don\'t know anything about the two most pressing issues in life: what happens when a cartoon character has a good idea?
At this point, Fortuna Lee made some suggestions. .
@ Fortunalee provided this answer to my question via @ bitstrips. LoveIt pic. twitter.
Com/ji5hujwYKWAnd, finally, how many psychiatrists, lawyers, programmers, medical school students, economists/Surrealism are needed to change the bulb now?
Oh, is there a new one that looks the same?
The problem was solved.
Standard incandescent lamp for you.
May the fireworks that light the sky tonight bring you the glowing feeling you deserve.
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