Pearl Pigment pearl powder coating application

by:ILED     2020-07-02
Yiu Tak Hing professional production of wholesale pearl powder pearl pigment, pearl pigment widely used pearl powder, pearl powder pearl paint tips. Welcome to call: 075 527 716 707 Liu Jun Pearlescent Pigments in Coatings Pearlescent pigment in all coating systems are applied, such as acrylic acid, nitro fibers, alkyd, polyester, and many systems. It is in the water and solvent medium are well dispersed, and therefore can be made for water-based solvent system. It is not conductive, perfectly suited for electrostatic spraying powder coating process, to eliminate the danger of static sparks. It is excellent resistance to sulfide performance, do not produce discoloration phenomenon. Resistant to high temperature 800 , can be used for baking. Excellent light resistance, weather resistance, to meet the demanding requirements. Has been widely used in automobiles, bicycles, building materials, furniture and paint the end of the village and various ornaments, toys, stationery, cosmetics, container, leather and other products of the coating. Pearlescent pigments is very simple to use, simply add the appropriate service in a variety of transparent substrates can be pearlescent paint. But the ultimate pearl luster and the unique hue, will depend entirely on the orientation parallel to the pearlescent pigments arranged. Typically, Yiu Tak Hing pearl pigment flakes technology will follow the laws of physics, in the coating liquid that flows automatically in accordance with the direction of flow parallel, when the paint with solvent evaporation, or chemical reaction to increase the viscosity After such a direction parallel to be fixed, so good and special pearl luster was shown by hue. However, if the coating is too thick, the high solvent evaporation rate or the construction of very low temperature, the viscosity of paint will be made to increase too slowly, Yiu Tak Hing Technology pearl powder again ordered to return to any state, will not produce pearlescent effects to coating bleak, rough, not produce bright hue. So, for different coating systems, should select the appropriate drying rate and a suitable viscosity, the ratio of the experiment to find the best is important. 1, addition of Add the pearl powder entirely in accordance with different coating thickness, construction methods, transparency and the need to cover an area the size of the pearl effect to the decision. Normal dosage of 5% -10% (weight), but sometimes, 1% pearl powder can be produced with a clear sense of a special flash effects. For thin coating, dosage should be increased appropriately, with season as much as 20% -30%, usually not recommended to use a higher amount of pigment, pearl powder will be too many anti-directional parallel, so that pearl effect can not be reflected. 2, wetting, dispersion and mixing In order to spread more easily, the use of more simple, recommended wetting pearl material, preferably pigment paste was prepared, so avoid mixing air bubbles generated when more. Usually have a large surface area, wetting is a very simple and quick. To ensure the stability of hue and avoid flocculation phenomenon, proposed pearlescent pigment wetting time of 24 hours, it will ensure consistency and to avoid hue pearl material flying. In the mixed, you simply can stir dispersed. Pearl crystal structure and brittle film determines can not be used when mixed with high shear stress (such as high-speed dispersion machine), grinding (such as roller mill, ball line) distributed way. That this approach will result in pearlescent flakes were crushed and broken crystal, pearl effect so that lower or no gloss. When you must use high-speed disperser dispersion, the dispersion time should be short as possible. Should generally be in all the other pigments are dispersed, the last to join pearlescent material. Very large and students to make settlement inevitably flaky crystals, which can be through the use of precise control of a certain amount of flocculant to form a loose, easy-to-dispersible sediment is deposited in a long time and large construction site, simply mixing or call cycle can be dispersed so as to ensure the consistency of paint hue. 3, Construction Scratch can be used, roller coating, dip coating, air spray, high pressure airless spray, electrostatic spray coating method. Before construction, paint should be mixed evenly. For large-scale continuous operation, there should be corresponding measures against Shen. Suspended solids in ambient air as little as possible to prevent film contamination. Proposed construction procedure as follows: after the substrate surface outside the grounds (should be smooth, clean, very good film can be attached) on the first Primer, then paint pearlescent paint. If the pearlescent coating on Clear (Clear varnish coating), coating will be more layered and pearl effect, there will no longer be a part of Clear, plastic paint, such as mobile phones. Mentioned earlier, only the ranks of pearlescent pigments orientation flat, the coating only has pearl effect and bright, color, therefore, in the construction, it is more suitable for spraying, electrostatic spray coating method for high-level. Painting in the gun, the proposed paint viscosity is about: Ford & nbspcup.No4/15 ~ 30 seconds, and the higher air pressure (35Kg/cm3), in order to ensure good atomization, in multiple thin coating, generally 2 to 3 times spray, spray each time interval should be to facilitate solvent evaporation, these measures will help Yiu Tak Hing technology automatically aligned pearl pigment and coating color consistency. about author: The e-commerce company in China offers quality products such as China halogen projector bulbs , China halogen projector bulbs, and more. For more , please visit exit sign light bulbs today!
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