photos: christmas lights in singapore 2018

by:ILED     2020-01-06
Our little red dot began to have Christmas lights-Disney lit up Orchard Road with Disney characters to celebrate the festive atmosphere --
We all love Pixar and Disney movies like Mickey, Minnie and Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
From the reference of pop culture, we see the mall decorating trees with cute Japanese characters to build a pop music that is bigger than life
Ferris wheel structure.
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Disney and Disney
Pixar\'s role lights up Orchard Road, which happens to be Disney\'s biggest lighting event in Southeast Asia.
If you are lucky, you can see this lovely couple on Orchard Road.
Ariel from The Little Mermaid is one of the many facilities on Orchard Road.
So is Donald and Daisy Duck. Themed To-
Fu oyako of the world of tomorrow, Buji Junction and Bugis worked with the action city to create a mirror 10-
A one-meter-high Christmas tree
Styling Center.
Designed by Mr. Koichiro Beijing (the award-
DEVILROBOTS award winning artistic director)
The center invites people of all ages to take part in a photographic work.
Christmas Wonderland returns to the fifth edition at Bay garden this year.
Although we do not experience the luxury of cold winter, visitors can experience outdoor skating under the stars.
It features charming Europe.
Festival market featuring carnival games and children\'s rides.
There\'s also the magic lamp sculpture that turns the playground into an amazing Wonderland, so be sure to get your DSLR ready.
ION Orchard works with luxury brand Cartier to bring us more-than-
Ferris wheel life pops up.
Shoppers and visitors are invited to take a Kaleidoscope Photo or fun gift with family and friends at the Cartier carriage booth at the bottom of the Ferris wheel.
Next to the Ferris wheel is a charming Christmas park with colorful Christmas trees, lights and gadgets for visitors to stroll and capture some photos of the festival.
A falling Christmas tree hangs in the Courtyard foyer of Singapore Square, giving the road the illusion of a floating tree effect.
Christmas Village in Ngee Ann City has the first duplex carousel in Singapore, where you can ride it to realize your childhood dreams.
In addition, there is Hitachi\'s Santa Claus House and Timbre X Gourmet Village bar in the yard, where you can have drinks and eat for free.
Mickey and his Tsum friends will decorate the highest living Christmas tree in the Flower Dome in the garden by the Bay.
The exhibition entitled \"One pin red wish\" will be held from December 2018 to January 6, 2019.
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