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by:ILED     2020-03-17
Alliance for the Green Revolution in Africa: LED lights in the largest procurement, Dakshinanchal Wade with tevitran Nigam Co. , Ltd (DVVNL)
Is planning to purchase an amazing crore LED bulb that will be resold to customers at half the original price.
The move is to \"raise awareness among users of energy-saving, durable bulbs \".
Speaking with TOI, dvvnl md pn Singh, the company said it would buy a crore LED bulb with different power ranges from the market and would sell it to consumers at about half the market price.
Ordinary bulbs (100-200 watts)
The cost in the market is between Rs 15 and Rs 30.
Cost of compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)
The voltage range of 15 volts is also between Rs 150 and Rs 200.
The price of LED bulbs from 4 to 9 watts is RS 275 to Rs 500.
\"The price of the Led is very expensive and people use CFLs and regular bulbs, which consumes a lot of power.
They do not see the long-term benefits of using LEDs, which consume only half of the electricity consumed by the CFL, six times less than a normal bulb.
\"The purpose is to make customers aware of the economic ways we save electricity,\" said PN Singh . \".
\"According to the estimated data, about 100 units of electricity were consumed during 100 hours of lighting 1,000 watt bulbs.
As a bill for 360 units of electricity, customers need to spend Rs 100.
In the case of CFL, 15 v CFL consumes 15-
20 units of electricity are provided within 1,000 hours, costing consumers Rs 90 to 105.
However, the 9-watt LED bulb consumes 50 to 54 units of electricity in 1,000 hours, which takes about 50 to 55 rupees for consumers, \"said an official at DVVNL.
Up to 14 different companies that produce LED bulbs have contacted DVVNL to sell their products.
Bids will be completed within one week and the minimum amount of bids will be shortlisted.
After the bidding process, the purchased bulb will be in discom (
Torrent Power Limited).
The consumer can get the light bulb by cash payment, or the payment can be included in the electricity bill.
DVVNL will sell LED bulbs from 4 to 9 watts.
The expected price for each bulb will be below Rs 100.
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