price of led bulbs comes down: in maharshtra, it’s rs 85

by:ILED     2020-03-23
Thanks to the latest round of sourcing from Energy Efficiency Services Limited, efficient LED bulbs will now supply Rs 85 in Maharashtra (EESL)
, Under Unnat Jyoti, provide affordable led (UJALA)scheme.
UJALA saw that the new purchase price is Rs 54.
90 excluding tax.
EESL brings together prices for all previous purchases, and the benefits of this decline will be passed directly to consumers in the States.
EESL is a joint venture of National Thermal Power Generation Co. , Ltd. , Power Finance Corporation, Rural Electrified Corporation and Powergrid, established in the Ministry of Electricity to facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency projects.
The cost of LED bulbs has dropped to the price range of Rs 75
95 after an increase in administrative costs, allocation and awareness costs and national costsspecific taxes.
Therefore, the company said in a statement that the change in the final cost of the bulb was due to the difference in state taxes.
However, due to local applicable taxes, the distribution price of LED bulbs in each state will vary.
The government has used electronic
The purchase of goods and services has greatly reduced transaction costs and time.
It said that this in turn led to more participation of bidders, thereby increasing competition and reducing procurement costs.
In the first round of procurement held in January 2014 for puduchari, EESL achieved the cost of Rs 310.
During the period from September 2014 to February 2015, the prices of subsequent purchases by other countries ranged from RS 204 to RS 104.
Through aggregation and transparent sourcing, EESL enables a rapid drop in LED prices.
\"The last purchase price for LED bulbs in March 2016 was Rs 54.
Said in the statement.
So far, more than 1 EESL has been distributed.
35 crore LED bulbs in Maharashtra.
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