‘replace incandescent streetlights with led bulbs’

by:ILED     2019-12-10
City Development Minister Roshan byger instructed officials of Shivamogga city company to replace electricity
Consume incandescent lamps using LEDs (LED)bulbs.
He spoke at a meeting in the city on Monday to review the company\'s operations.
Officials say there are 19,047 street lights in the city, 1,706 of which are LED bulbs.
The company is currently paying up to Rs.
Street lamp electricity for 4 crore a year.
By replacing existing incandescent lamps with LED bulbs, they say, more than half of the cost can be saved. Mr.
Baig instructed officials to thoroughly verify the quality of the LED bulbs to be purchased.
He asked officials to simplify the maintenance of street lights by assigning responsibility to an agency.
Expressing displeasure at the delayed completion of work related to urban underground drainage, he said that senior officials from the municipal department and the Karnataka municipal water supply and sewage commission will hold a meeting soon, discuss ways in which measures are taken to complete a work are quick. Commissioner M. V.
Tusharamani said at the meeting that the company has acquired 64 acres of land in the suburbs of the city, Gopishettykoppa and Govindapura, providing venues for homeless families. Mr.
Baig suggested that the company build three
According to Ashraya and other housing programs, floor housing apartments that provide funds for poor families.
Shivamogga focus of work. B.
Prasanna Kumar, Movement for the Liberation of the Congo.
Prasanna Kumar, mayor. K.
Deputy Mayor of Mariyappa Xiang Annappa attended the meeting.
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