some of the best displays of christmas lights in the west

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If there is anything to be praised, it is a spectacular display of the festive lights. Today\'s high-
The technology event has become a powerful combination of American art forms, festival traditions and irresistible tourist attractions.
It\'s hard to imagine Christmas tree lights as a 19th-century innovation.
On 1882, three years after Thomas Edison showed his light bulb, Eddis\'s business partner, Edward Hebrew Johnson, decorated his home in Manhattan with a Christmas evergreen tree --
String up with 80 red, white and blue hands-wired bulbs.
Now cities around the world have hung billions of solar lanterns in the square through shopping areas, zoos and botanical gardens to show the pride of citizens.
In the western United States. S.
It\'s worth driving or traveling on weekends.
Here are 10 of the best sparkling solar light shows that will surely make you refreshed.
Spectacular sight: in a class, the free Lantern Festival at Mission Hotel has become an experience in California.
Every corner of the landmark hotel seems to be covered by lights and dotted with glowing, glittering elves, Angels and carols.
And more: well-made Christmas trees, fresh snow, Elf tuck --
Hotel guests, MA
Carriage made with 500 pounds candy and three gingerbread villages.
Best Location: you can\'t take all 4.
5 million lights at a time, so walk to the street to watch.
Additional experience: except for other holidays-
Themed package, $1,432 Gingerbread Dream Suite 2-
Night packages include overnight stays, gingerbread cupcakes, gingerbread cookies handy when turning
Come down and enjoy $200 in dining points at the hotel\'s restaurant.
Information: by January. 7.
3649 Mission hotel Avenue.
There may be no snow in Hawaii, but it has a rich Christmas spirit and a white light show.
At Waipahu, about 10 miles northeast of Honolulu International Airport, Keith Yoshida has been coordinating a magic block display mainly powered by solar energy for years.
More than a dozen houses on Anapau Place are illuminated by lights that sync with holiday music. Two 38-
Continue performing every night from 7 to 9: 30.
Best Location: The streets are blocked by vehicles, so take a ride or take a taxi for a walk or sit down to watch the show.
Additional experience: the block was reported in ABC\'s 2015 season of the great battle of Christmas lights.
\"If you can\'t get enough excess, season 4 will continue on Mondaythe-
Top residential lighting display.
Information: by December. 31.
Waikele light the spectacle: the zoo grounds of the California Museum of Life are decorated with more than 3 million lights.
Favorite scenes include Winter Wonderland (with real snow)
Elephants, dinosaurs and even big horn sheep in the California Wildlife Area.
The illuminated \"jellyfish\" exhibition heralds the opening of the zoo\'s new jellyfish exhibition and touch pool next year.
The ticket price also includes the Candy Cane Express train and 40-foot merry-go-round.
Best Location: you don\'t want to miss the light show at the amphitheater, but taking selfies is essential in winter wonderland.
Additional experience: If you have the right time, you can have one of the famous Basque restaurants in the area, such as the hotel nolega ,(661)322-8419;
Wool Growers Restaurant ,(661)327-
French Basque restaurant in 9584 and Benji ,(661)328-
0400 information: by December. 31 (
Closed for Christmas).
10500 Alfred Harrell Highway, holiday lights at the California Museum of Life.
$12 for adults and $10 for youth (ages 13-17)
$6 for children (ages 3-12).
What\'s more, at Disneyland, every storefront, lamppost and roof is decorated with festive decorations.
Lights, wreaths and sparks.
At Disneyland, in addition to the special festival versions of parades, Sleeping Beauty winter castles around snowfall and night fireworks.
This year, the California Adventure Park festival will feature international cuisine, music and dance.
Best Location: Must
The sights you see are \"this is a very small world\" with thousands of lights covered.
Inside, the protagonists of 10 international scenes wear their national traditional holiday costumes.
Bonus experience: holiday makeover and 50-in California Adventure Park, car park-
Christmas tree.
The World of Color, the night light water show, has been re-shaped as the bright season as a new holiday theme, including music and Disney animation.
Information: by January. 8.
From a $95-day admission.
Spectacular scene: the opportunity to drive on the track, but visitors will want to go around 2 laps. 5-
3 million LED lights are displayed while crawling to better see 500 animations and sparkling displays.
New this year: 40-
Embark on a pirate ship, pay tribute to the United States, and show the statue of liberty and humanity on the moon.
Best Location: The light tunnel is designed to immerse visitors in the ultimate photoop.
Reward experience: from open-
Christmas tram in the air, $35 per person.
Includes snacks, drinks, photos with Santa Claus, games and quick access.
Information: by January. 7.
7000 Las Vegas Avenue. N.
Although the plants are not in full bloom, the cold garden is full of lights and festive displays.
In the 17 acres of complex gardens and buildings in the heart of Denver, snow, ice and more than 1 million lights add to the cold glitter.
New Year: interactive LED light performance in the amphitheater.
Best Vantage Point: convert the lights to shiny 3-using holosspex glasses-
Shapes like snowflakes and candy sticks.
Additional experience: the lighting trails at the peripheral Chatfield farm form a rural twist on holiday lights, passing through the winding paths of the barn, covered vans and country views. 8500 W.
Deer Creek Canyon Road, Littleton, Colorado.
Information: by January. 1. 1007 York St.
Adults spend $13 and children between the ages of 3 and 15 spend $10.
Scene: The Capital of Texas celebrates the heart of its solar Festival-155-
Foot Zilker Tree, the largest person in the country
Made a Christmas tree.
As you would expect in Texas, the highest level defines the trajectory of the light emitted by 2 million lights and 41 monitors.
In Groovy Grove, tradition and innovation blend together, where visitors can interact with music and lights.
Best Location: Enjoy yourself at the top of a Ferris wheel or carousel.
Additional experience: valet parking purchases a Platinum Pass for $80 to $225 and prioritizes access to exhibitions, lounges and rides.
Information: by December. 23.
Light trails in Austin
The average ticket is $3.
Landscape: 35 temporary and permanent lights in 12 communities
The art installation of 31 artists.
During the festival, free night lighting is organized by the festival.
Art Walking Tour, Saturday museum tour, Studio Tour and artist talks.
There are several facilities at San Francisco International Airport.
Best Location: City Lights
The art center is the \"Bay light\" of Leo Villareal on the San Francisco Bay Bridge, and on December, when the sun sets for about 5 p, it is the best place to watch. m.
Additional experience: randomly see \"city ufo\" on water and street\"
Artist Eric Taylor\'s \"light mobile\" Volkswagen Beetle and his floating, glowing dome \"bubble boat \".
Information: by January. 1.
Lighting up the wonders of the SF Lantern Festival: The 29 th annual ZooLights-
More like an immersive 3-
D. easier than a typical holiday showre-
Create animals and habitats in vivid lights.
Look for hippos, crocodiles, and even peacocks in the dark to shine brightly.
Best Location: The experience of walking in 1.
The 6 million lights can\'t be captured at a glance, but the bridge to the elephant land provides a great view.
Reward experience: riding old-
The old-fashioned mini-\"steam\" train and merry-go-round brightened the holidays; $2. 50 to $4.
And the maple-
Bacon marshmallow and hot cocoa cart.
Information: by January. 1. 4001 S. W.
Canyon Road, Zoo at Oregon Zoo. Adults $9. 95-$14. 95; kids ages 3-11 $4. 95-$9. 95.
Wonder: Bathed in the glow of Christmas lights, luminarias (small bonfires)and farolitos (
Votives in small paper bags)
Take a free Christmas Eve walk on Canyon Road.
The event is a tradition of Santa Fe since 70 years, attracting thousands of tourists to the historic halfmile-
The long street is lined with art galleries.
Best Vantage Point: Santa Fe travel expert Billy Frank says a slow, steady walk is the best way to navigate through the crowd and he recommends being vigilant to appreciate spontaneous holiday displays --
People decorate a string of lights, impromptu carols, or train models.
Reward experience: shine until January.
1. there are thousands of lights in Santa Fe Botanical Garden and a special laser show.
Entertainment, holiday music and children\'s activities are available every night.
Kakawa Chocolate House is guided by the tradition from 1000 BC to the middle of the year, brewing history and authentic immortality medicine1900s.
Have a cup of hot tea there or bring home a bag of Aztec warrior potions ($15).
Message: Farolito Walk. Glow.
Tickets are $9 for children aged 12 and under. travel@latimes.
How did these three classic Christmas TV specials prepare for the Chinese class with a hint of sadness?
The video shows you how to say \"Merry Christmas\" in many languages \". A.
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