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by:ILED     2019-12-13
Every point is important when you sell your house.
Even the bulbs in your light fixtures attract buyers.
If they are modern and efficient LED bulbs.
These faint rays have a big impact on the cost of lighting your home.
They are lottery cards for environmental buyers.
Jeff Kate, broker of Barfoot & Thompson, said LED lighting gives buyers the impression that the house is more modern than those old onesstyle lighting.
It doesn\'t necessarily increase the value of the selling price, but it will increase the appeal of buyers, which helps to sell the house, Kate said.
When replacing a large number of LED bulbs, you may feel the need for a small mortgage.
But a single bulb is getting cheaper and more reliable.
Not long ago, the price of LED bulbs exceeded $20, which can only be bought from professional retailers.
Nowadays, you can buy the price of ordinary bayonets in warehouses and supermarkets --
Fashion light bulbs from $11. 99.
Christian Hoerning of EECA energy wise said that in return for investment, homeowners live about 15 times the life of standard bulbs, and the cost of their operation is one quarter.
\"This means that families can save up to $290 in operating costs over the life of an LED bulb,\" he said . \".
With standard screws and bayonet fittings, it\'s OK to just change the bulb.
Existing lamps such as low voltage halogen lamps using transformers are a difficult problem.
It is not always possible to replace the light bulb alone, and it is often necessary for an electrician.
O-director Robert McKinnon
New Zealand provides lighting equipment for Osram bulbs and lighting equipment, saying there are three main options in this case.
First, replace the existing conventional incandescent, halogen or CFL downlights with more modern energy-efficient LED downlights.
The dimmable 900 lumens osram led downlight costs about $34.
McKinnon said.
They need an electrician to install it.
Because these are integrated downlights including their own drives, there is no need for an external transformer.
McKinnon said Option 2 includes simply replacing the GU10 style downlight bulb with the converted GU10 LED bulb.
The driver is integrated into the bulb, so the external transformer is not required for the downlight.
For DIY homeowners, it\'s easy to change the bulbs in the future.
A downlight kit that includes the Gimble downlight and The GU10 bulb costs $24. 98.
MacKinnon said the option 3 is to keep the existing low voltage MR16 downlight fitting, but replace the traditional transformer that may not recognize the LED bulb on the circuit.
Osram\'s Redback downlight transformer at Bunnings allows homeowners to switch to MR16 LED lights.
It costs $11 per transformer.
98, but allows you to keep the existing accessories.
Jeremy Wyn says you usually need a compliance code if you need to replace the accessories
Harris, general manager of construction company. co. nz.
Old houses built before 1970 almost certainly require rewiring or safety checks to ensure that their wiring still meets current standards before switching to LED bulbsHarris adds.
\"Check the registration and ability of your electrician in this field,\" he said . \".
In addition to saving power, switching from halogen lamps to LED means that the insulation can be used more widely on the ceiling and does not require a large gap like halogen lamps.
Wyn-\"If you have old downlight fittings, they need a lot of ceiling insulation gaps for safety reasons, which may mean that the wind will enter the homeHarris says.
Replacing all downlights in the house with modern LED accessories and bulbs, as well as the cost of merchants installing them could cost several thousand dollars.
For full rewiring, excluding any audio-visual cables, the cost of the switchboard and LED lights is expected to be $8000.
Wyn said: \"The range of electrical, lighting and AV reno for a Kiwi family could set you back about $15,000 to $25,000Harris.
McKinnon says you need to check Kelvin ratings when choosing LED bulbs for your home.
The type of warm white that Kiwis family living area usually likes ranges from 2700 to 3000 K.
Cool White is 3100 to 4500 K.
If you need task lighting in a garage or laundry room during the day, look for a Kelvin rating greater than 5000 k, he said.
If you do not need to replace the accessory or transformer, the LED bulb can be paid on its own within a few months.
They can use less power of 1/10 th than conventional incandescent lamps.
EECA said Kiwis bought 257,000 LED bulbs in supermarkets last year alone, up from 1600 in 2012.
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