the dim world of light bulb politics

by:ILED     2019-12-27
In 2007, major lighting manufacturers worked with Congress to set new energy efficiency standards for bulbs.
They worry that the states will adopt 50 different standards, they know.
In order to make better incandescent lamps, technology existed a year ago. -
Efficiency increased by 28% and less waste heat was discharged.
Why have these vendors not used this technology before?
In their view, there is no financial reason to change.
Consumers buy bulbs with old technology.
When widespread attention to energy waste led states to start passing the standard for bulb efficiency, manufacturers sought a uniform national standard and obtained it.
There is no dispute over the clause.
It\'s double overwhelming
Party majority and quickly signed into law by President George w. Bush. Bush.
The manufacturers then spent millions of dollars restructuring their business to produce new, improved incandescent lamps that produce exactly the same lighting quality as the old bulbs, look the same, dim, save energy and provide better value to consumers.
Sounds good, right?
Thomas Edison will be very happy.
However, people living in the liberal radicalism alternate universe view it from different angles.
Last year, before the start date of January 2012, when the standard came into effect, they spread 100-
Watt incandescent lamps are banned and people will be forced to switch to compact fluorescent bulbs.
They even spied on some famous media.
The deadline has been four months and new incandescent lamps have been put on the shelves in local Home Depot, and these bulb cranks continue to spread lies about the so-called bulb ban.
Some in Congress have done so, even if the manufacturer has shown them that the new incandescent lamp is the same in form and function as the old bulb.
No curved tube, no strange color, no dull beginning
Up, no dimming problem, no mercury, the amount and quality of light is the same, but only 72 watts of electricity instead of 100 watts are used.
The militants seized on the standard of efficiency for light bulbs and appliances as a symbol of excessive government expansion.
They claim that such standards limit consumers\' choices.
Really, is this the best example they can come up?
The bulb standard is a normal bulb of the same type
S. President Ronald Reagan signed energy efficiency benchmarks for refrigerators, fluorescent lighting ballasts and other appliances in the 1980 s.
Jimmy Carter, how many people are wandering around the local appliance dealer, eager to be inefficient
Time refrigerator?
Still, even if you read this, we have Michael Burgess, a member of Congress (R-TX)
Senator McCann (R-WY)
Enforcement of laws establishing these lighting standards is prohibited.
They plan to make changes to the upcoming appropriation bill.
Clearly, Burgess, Enzi and others involved in the campaign are not concerned about the investments that lighting manufacturers have made in good faith over the last five years.
For them, will suspicious foreign manufacturers take advantage of this loophole to flood the market with cheap, unreliable energy? wasting bulbs?
Does it make sense for them to do good things for foreign flies? by-
For Americans who make new bulb components, the evening can lead to fewer jobs?
Is it important for them that inferior foreign bulbs are 50 cents cheaper than high-priced bulbs
Will quality American bulbs pay more for higher energy consumption and shorter bulb life?
Maybe their crazy worship is more important to them than work, investment and energy saving.
In the name of libertarian dogma, they try to connect Americans with inferior products and hinder technological progress.
True progress in freedom, prosperity and consumer choice can be found in innovative solutions --
Targeted action by major lighting manufacturers in 2007.
By helping to set these new standards and bring better technology to market, Americans can brighten their world with less money, improve the energy status of our country and better manage our precious natural resources
We should voice over the new, improved incandescent \"free light bulb\" to commemorate the entrepreneur spirit and vision that led to its development.
However, the lighting manufacturer is not self-sealing.
A few years later, more and more LED bulbs appear on store shelves, and these energy-efficient but expensive bulbs will become more affordable.
The quality and quantity of light produced by these lights are 100-
But the bulb is less than 20 watts.
It\'s some serious, no.
Cover rising electricity bills.
This is the best practical conservatism.
As Russell Kirk, a great conservative writer and theorist, once wrote: \"There is nothing more conservative than protection. \"He was right.
It is wise, prudent and responsible to save.
It guarantees the future of our children and grandchildren.
An extremism that peddles freedom without responsibility and politically promotes carefree waste, certainly not conservative.
Of course, our government needs to be efficient. we must prevent excessive bureaucracy and excessive government expansion.
Both issues, however, have nothing to do with common interests --
Use the power of free markets to drive energy efficiency standards for the necessary advances.
Now, you can see that the rumors about the death of incandescent lamps have been greatly exaggerated. it is time for our elected officials to know.
If efforts are not made to reduce or hinder the implementation of new lighting standards, there will be political costs.
If our elected officials are willing to mislead the public and ignore such simple energy savings, they may not be able to lead us to a brighter future.
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