the four key factors affecting consumer purchase led lights

by:ILED     2019-12-24
52%: the most popular brand channel-With the rapid development of Internet media, many factors show that the network is not only the media that affects people\'s way of life, but also changes the whole manufacturing industry, marketing, sales and market behavior.52% of consumers express brand information through the Internet, and LED bulbs are enough to describe the problem.The rapid growth of online shopping has also brought new possibilities for the entire industry\'s sales channels.
52%: most popular purchase time-In our life, holidays seem to suggest that major businesses carry out promotional activities, so that consumers can develop the habit of waiting until holidays.Similarly, in the holiday promotion, 52% of consumers choose to buy lamps and lanterns.Business promotions for each festival node and LED lighting will not be less than any other item.
Industry insiders often remind: promotion can not evolve into a price war.It is also worthy of the attention of the whole industry.57%: the most influential factor in purchasing behavior --The price of lamps and lanterns has become the most important factor affecting the purchase behavior of 57% consumers.
In economic theory, price is the only factor to adjust the balance between supply and demand, and the purchase decision of almost any product is the most important factor.In addition, as the primary factor in determining buying behavior, 31% of consumers still choose brands.In recent years, as a leader in the industry, the industry brands continue to excessive to the public brandThe trend is becoming clearer and clearer.
You know, consumers have rational price demands, but they also have irrational emotional demands.Mr. Op illumation, marketing director.Zhu zuhuan: Brand is a combination of rational value and perceptual value.68%: purchase lamps and lanterns for most popular channels-The decoration of the event gathered enough patience and wisdom of the owners to make an ideal paradise for their small home improvement.
With the improvement of living standards and the maturity of consumer awareness, the lighting of LED lamps and lanterns is no longer just a level, but more a desire for decorative elements.According to the survey, the highest level of consumer knowledge is still the building materials market, lighting supermarkets, accounting for 68% of the survey.But channels have never been static, with 15% of consumers in the survey choosing Chinese LED flashlights purchased in stores and online.
The change of channels may not be replacing the other, but coexist in diversity and complement each other\'s new status
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