the old-fashioned light bulb is disappearing

by:ILED     2019-12-11
This is the end of an era of new technology that once lit up a bright light. Starting Jan.
1. traditional incandescent lamps are still favored by more than half of the light
Bulb buyers, will start to disappear from store shelves. The old 100-watt and 75-
Watt incandescent lamps are gone, and the federal energy bill signed by President George W six years ago ended their sales. Bush.
The bill staggered the phase of phase-out and now the store will start selling the last batch of 40-watt and 60-watt bulbs.
This will be a surprise for many people.
According to a recent survey by lighting company Osram siwania, three of the five Americans did not know that the bulbs were being phased out.
A small number of shoppers say they plan to stock up on bulbs where possible, and they should be lucky for at least a few months.
Home Depot National light bulb merchants (HD)
According to USA Today, he believes his company will continue to sell old bulbs in the middle of next year.
One of the main reasons for the elimination is that old bulbs are wasted.
90% of their energy is used to release heat rather than light, which is why they are so hot that you can\'t touch them when lit.
In the summer this heat creates more waste as some homes need more air conditioning to offset the warm bulbs.
New bulbs must be more energy efficient.
Some new halogen lamps do meet these standards.
Customers can also choose compact fluorescent lamps, namely, CFLs and LEDs or LEDs.
As if it\'s not confusing enough, wattage will no longer be the best way to measure light, as the new bulb uses less power to send out the same amount of light, according to Noah Horowitz of the Natural Resources Conservation Commission.
In the future, the bulbs will be measured in lumens rather than Watts.
At the moment, the bulb package says \"replace 60 w bulb\" or \"13 w = 60 w\" to describe 13-
Horowitz wrote on his blog. (
This guide to the Council may be helpful. )
The new bulb has a longer life, but is much more expensive than conventional incandescent lamps. A six-pack of 60-
Watt dimmable bulb from Cree (CREE)
The weekend was sold on Home Depot\'s website for $78.
Experts say prices will drop, but there may be some old ones before that
Incandescent lamps for the time being.
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