the true value of led bulbs vs incandescent bulbs

by:ILED     2020-03-13
Some people still have a misconception that LED lights (
The cost is very high, which is far from the fact.
With this assumption, you will only touch the surface of the comparison.
In the past five years, a major push has led to almost different incandescent lamps.
Australia has almost eliminated incandescent lamps seeking heat. S.
The country has made major efforts to save energy led.
Total operating costs and hazardous emissions are two main criteria that need to be considered.
Let\'s take a look at the price issue of further acceleration of LED bulbs.
Of course, because the initial investment is higher than the incandescent lamp or fluorescent lamp, the lead-time cost of the led is higher.
In fact, some high-end LED bulbs will cost many times more than incandescent lamps on the checkout counter or Internet shopping cart.
Therefore, if the initial cost is the only criterion to consider the advantages, incandescent lamps and old schools will continue to rule.
But there is no electricity that makes it work, what is the benefit of the bulb.
You can\'t drive without fuel.
So here you have to consider the actual cost of the bulb.
Unless someone else agrees to pay your electricity bill, you must also consider the total cost of ownership when you choose a bulb.
So, what is the total cost of ownership of 100?
50,000 small hours of Watt incandescent? This 100-
Watt incandescent lamps use more than 101 watts of electricity.
Therefore, in 50,000 hours of operation, this bulb needs to be replaced more than 50 times with a new bulb.
This is a lot of changing bulbs and dangerous materials for our environment.
Back to the cost of ownership, these 50 + bulbs will use about 5,100 KW
Hours of electricity cost about $500.
Not only that, but our old incandescent lamps also emit more than 10,000 pounds of carbon dioxide to the environment.
Can you say climate change and global warming?
We will not mention the release of mercury in extreme energy use, as most of the electricity on our planet comes from coal-fired power plants that emit toxins to the atmosphere.
So 100 of total cost of ownership
Including the cost of electricity and bulbs, the cost of Watt incandescent lamps is far more than $500, which can produce 50,000 hours of light!
Now, let\'s re-focus on the little 10 of our fashion-watt eco-
LED bulbs are friendly.
We admit it.
The front cost of the bulb is about $100.
It will use electricity below 11 watts, totaling 540 KW
50,000 hours of light.
This is a fashion power worth $58!
Now, the cost savings are compared to the $500 power needed for incandescent lamps.
In addition, LED bulbs reduce carbon emissions
Carbon dioxide emissions from LED bulbs are 9,000 pounds, slightly higher than 1,000 pounds.
So the total cost of ownership of 10-
The watt LED light bulb costs $100 and $58 for 50,000 hours of lighting.
Compared to the incandescent lamp variety $158, it is now easy to evaluate the true value of LED bulbs$550.
Although the LED bulb has harmful emissions and environmental damage, it has great value.
So in this case, the old one goes out with the new one.
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