urban legend or legislation: australia’s weirdest laws explained

by:ILED     2019-12-28
Australia is still implementing some very strange laws.
But what is true and what is just a rumor?
Is it true that wedding vandals can be arrested in Australia?
We have answers.
Source: Australia is home to the most strange laws in the world
Some sounds are too strange to be true.
This week, a Sydney taxi driver was puzzled by a $100 fine for wearing brown shoes while waiting for passengers in a casino taxi.
The new state police admitted that wearing an incorrect uniform in a taxi was a criminal act, but no longer --
Fines were lifted as part of the reform in December.
But it\'s not the only rule in Australia that makes people scratch their heads.
Type \"Australia\'s craziest laws\" in any search engine and you will dig out a huge area of news articles and websites to recite the same crazy regulations without detail or evidence
So we decided to dig up some of our favorite things.
Known as the strange law, separate the facts from the novel.
Although some people seem to be more urban legends than actual legislation, it is certain that in this strange and wonderful country we are still bound by some very strange rules.
It is illegal to have more than 50 kg of potatoes in Western Australia. This is true.
At least for now.
Spud regular, a powerful potato sales company in Western Australia-
This is the last time in Australia.
Has the right to intercept and search any vehicle suspected of carrying more than 50 kg of potatoes.
This was a law of 1946.
But for fans of starchy crops, this is good news: Prime minister Colin Barnett said he would abolish the old potato marketing company if he survived next year\'s state election.
Don\'t worry, it\'s not a thing anymore.
Source: News Limited you can\'t swim at Victoria Brighton Beach unless you\'re wearing your neckto-
The rule was enforced in a more moderate period a century ago. But today?
We don\'t believe it. Of all the so-
\"Strange Australian law\" is circulating on the Internet, which is one of the top laws, so news. com.
Au went to the Bayside City Council in Victoria to make a final decision on the matter.
A spokesman for the committee said Brighton Beach had \"no swimsuit requirements\" and added that,to-
Not even recently abolished knee pads.
Therefore, even if enforced at a certain stage, it may have been revoked a long time ago.
It\'s illegal to return the stolen property, no problem, yes-
This is actually a crime in South Australia and tazhou.
In these jurisdictions, if a person publicly promotes a reward for the return of stolen or lost property --
The advertisement shows that no questions will be asked after returning the property
The man was found guilty of a fine of up to $500.
In other words, just because you are grateful for the return of your lost property does not mean that you have the right to let potential thieves get away with it. Nope.
Source: supply you was fined $200 for touching the wire that caused death. This is definitely a strange punishment.
The image, allegedly a legal symbol for Newcastle, has been circulating online for years, attracting worldwide ridicule.
But we call this a prank.
That\'s not what it looks like.
In fact, the so-called Newcastle tram authority is there, except to mention a authority that manages railway vehicles more than 100 years ago.
A spokesman for Newcastle\'s famous tram tour told the news. com.
He also suspects that this is true, and the gift of death is the dollar symbol --
It was not until 1966 that the decimal currency was introduced to Australia, and the tram service was discontinued in Newcastle on 1950.
It is illegal to change your light bulb in Victorian times. People believe that unless you are a qualified electrician, it is illegal to change the bulb in your own home under Victorian law --
Doing so will result in a fine of $10.
Fortunately, a spokeswoman for Victoria energy security has good news.
\"I can confirm that it\'s not illegal to change bulbs in Victoria,\" she told the news . \". com. au.
\"Although the Electricity Safety Act provides that it is illegal to do your own electrical work if you do not have a license, according to the order of the Council g17, replacing the bulb and removing the plug from the socket is particularly exempt from this requirement.
\"It is illegal to destroy the wedding in South Australia.
The same is true for funerals.
According to the summary Crime Act 7A, any person who wilfully obstruct or disrupt a wedding or funeral-
Both secular and religious.
He was guilty of a maximum of $10,000 or two years in prison.
We don\'t know how \"speak now or keep your peace forever\" is against this law, but you have it.
This is an extra fact.
In Queensland, it is illegal to publish or broadcast a false birth, marriage, death, or new job. Really.
It is illegal near or inside a house frequented by thievesvarous website, claiming that this unfortunate law does exist in Australia.
In Victoria, the vagrant Act 1966 does provide that a person can be found guilty if he is a occupier of a house or place frequented by famous thieves.
But it was abolished in 2005.
It is replaced by confusing laws similar to those in other Australian states, such as crimes habitually confused with persons who commit or are suspected of committing, participation in organized crime
It\'s better to stick to more legal options for bathroom relief.
Source: News Limited in the absence of a toilet you can legally urinate on the rear left tire of the car. The thing is that in any case, in Australia, public urinating is considered a crime and there is no exemption from using car tires as a temporary urinal.
Public small is straight
Charged with crimes in Queensland, South Australia and the act.
This is not a specific criminal act in the new state, but under the summary Crimes Act, a person doing so may be charged with offending sex and fined $500.
The same is true of Victoria and tower states.
Police in Western Australia recently announced that they will also releasethe-
A fine of $500 is imposed on people who publicly urinate.
Queensland\'s summary Crimes Act clarifies this as such: \"Evidence of the discharge of liquid from the vicinity of a person\'s pelvis is sufficient to prove that the person is urinating.
So don\'t urinate on your tires.
In Australia, it\'s illegal to walk on the right.
The hand on the side of the road is really not.
It\'s actually the opposite, closer to the fact.
According to all state and regional governments in Australia
And common sense.
If a pedestrian walks on a road without a sidewalk or without a reasonable passage, they must walk on a road facing access to traffic. On a two-
Right on the road.
If this is not done, South Australia will charge a $45 compensation fee, Queensland will charge 20 penalty units and the new state will charge 20 penalty units.
In Victoria, you are usually fined $76 for improper walking.
In addition to the obvious mistakes, it is illegal to harm the homing pigeons, and according to the simple violations of Victoria and South Australia, it is absolutely illegal to interfere with the homing pigeons. Yep —
These crimes are written specifically to protect the pigeon, a bird trained to go home long distances and often used to send messages and competitions.
You can\'t kill, hurt, trap, capture or take a homing pigeon under these actions.
The maximum fine in South Australia is $250.
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