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by:ILED     2019-12-25
Rice bulbs are a tiny rice-shaped bulb that is often colored and strung together to decorate Christmas trees, wreaths and other decorations for various festive celebrations.Other names of the lights include \"microlights\", \"Rotary Lights\" and \"branch lights \".Meter lights can be distinguished from other types of decorative lights, such as T1 \"midget\", C7 bulbs and C9 bulbs, depending on their size and wattage.
It takes only a small amount of time for an LED meter light.057 Watts, as small as 1/2 watts per inch, while C9 bulbs require a maximum of 7 watts of power and are nearly 4 inch in length.Meters light bulbs of different brands may be suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.
The string of lights for the festival usually has a function controller that allows you to set the lights to flash in different modes such as \"flashing\", \"order\", \"Fade Out\" and \"stable running \".Transparent rice lights can be used to illuminate sidewalks and road signs in dark places such as cinemas.The colored rice lights are often used to decorate Christmas trees, wreaths and wedding tables.
According to the expected life and function, the price range of the meter light is very wide.In 2010, you can buy a set of 60 transparent (transparent) rice lamps for about $10;Color lights will make you pay more.For safety reasons, it is important not to connect the lights to any other set lights that are not included in the group.
Before inserting the box, be sure to read all the safety instructions on the box
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