What honors has ILED obtained?
ILED lighting Technology Ltd. obtains relevant international certificates and qualifications. Since inception, we have been certified by the relevant international institutions to bring the motivation to make sure the process approach and continuous improvement of top management. All of our products have passed rigorous testing, helping us to win many standardized qualifications both domestically and internationally.

ILED stands out among other outdoor festoon lights solar manufacturers in the industry. commercial string lights is the main product of ILED. It is diverse in variety. The inspections of ILED led bulbs include attention to important checkpoints like shoe sizing, sole bonding, shoe stitching, as well as shoe symmetry. With steady 360-degree viewing angle, it illuminates in every direction. Its quality of workmanship is above average. Its light color is warm and cozy, offering maximum eye comfort.

our team is devoted to transforming itself into a harmonious, long-lasting and festoon string light company. Ask online!
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