why is the trump administration trying to drag light bulbs back into the dark ages?

by:ILED     2019-12-18
If we tell you that there is a government regulation that can drive innovation, save your money and be good for the planet and the George W. republican governmentBush?
Well, yes, it covers everything every household has: light bulbs.
A 2007 law sets efficiency standards for the lighting industry.
The traditional incandescent lamp is almost out of date.
Innovation has spawned alternatives to save money and energy, includingemittingdiode (LED)
Bulbs that can last 10 to 25 years.
When the standards were implemented from 2012, many Americans were hesitant.
The Tea Party condemned the loss of freedom of choice.
Then something good happened. Prices fell.
Consumers save billions of dollars a year.
In the United States, household electricity consumption in general has declined for the first time in decades, meaning less heat
Emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
Of course, the Trump administration-
Never seem to have encountered energy.
It does not despise the savings Government regulations
Can\'t sit idle.
S. Department of Energy said in February that the industry group-driven light bulb revolution has a bright future and it will withdraw from Obama-
The Era rule will extend the efficiency standard to the lighting category not covered by the original 2007 law.
Includes reflective bulbs for embedded lighting, candles
The chandelier and the shape bulb of the grill, the Globe of the bathroom fixture.
All of this constitutes almosthalf in 6 billion lighting outlets in the United States.
To make matters worse, the Department of Energy said that the implementation of stricter efficiency standards than those set out in Bill 2007 could be hindered.
These stricter standards will come into effect on January. 1, 2020.
This could be huge, equivalent to closing 25 coal.
Noah Horowitz, a scientist at the Natural Resources Conservation Commission, said burning power plants.
An industry advocate at the National Electrical Manufacturers Association claims that Obama\'s expansion is illegal and, in any case, has made enough progress in moving to more efficient lighting.
\"The tipping point has already happened,\" Clark Silcox, namegen\'s legal adviser, wrote in a blog post in February.
It\'s kind of like a baseball team announcing victory in Game 7. inning stretch.
You can comment on Energy\'s plans to extend efficiency standards to other bulb categories.
Litigation is possible and all of this may need to be resolved in court.
This is inevitable: the efficiency standard set by Congress in 2007 is a valid formula.
As confirmed by visiting any hardware store, they have spawned the biggest change in bulb technology since the Thomas Edison era.
Why hinder further progress?
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