World Renowned physicist Dr Michio Kaku says that

by:ILED     2020-08-09
In his recent published book, Physics of the Impossible, he considers the phenomena of science fiction, including time travel and invisibility.He was shocked to find that almost all of them were consistent with the known laws of physics. According to Dr Kaku, most of what we see on the silver screen is possible - it is just a question of time. 'A lot of the predictions made by science fiction writers have been replaced by the march of science,' he told BBC World Service. Invisibility has long been a hallmark of science fiction or fantasy. Star Trek spacecraft use invisibility shields, and Harry Potter would have struggled in his battle against Lord Voldemort without his invisibility cloak. Could invisibility really be a future science fact rather than science fiction? Teleportation is another story. Dr Kaku points out, this has already been done on an atomic scale. The world record for teleportation is 600m. Properties of photons - particles of light - have already been teleported across the River Danube and he predicts that we will be teleporting molecules within the decade, and eventually to the moon.I am particularly interested in anything futuristic and this stirred my pot.For more tune int o bbc news on dish network. By: Frank Bilotta
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