worst home decor ideas from the early 2000s

by:ILED     2019-11-21
The fact is: home decor style comes and goes, something hot today may pass in pain tomorrow.
To pay tribute to such a decoration disaster, we started a new series, the worst home decoration in ten years.
To make things better, let\'s take a look at the decorative flaws of outlets.
The following list proves that even some of the latest trends that have been popular recently (
They may still be in your house)
Will soon be out of date-
Or even worse, comic material.
If you find these things at home, you may expire due to some updates.
A clean production line is one thing.
Everything is another matter.
However, in the early part of the new millennium, the industrial look was hot and ushered in a huge kitchen faucet that was more suitable for flushing fettucine on the Olive Garden and factory-gray hard polished cement floors
Another industrial trend, stainless steel
Commercial-sized steel appliances are the perfect antidote to a warm home kitchen.
Some were inspired by the shiny metal kitchen, and they even expanded their appearance at home with parts made of metal furniture or pallets, giving their entire house a special public hospital feel.
Mason jars are used to preserve fruits and vegetables, and sometimes Mason jars are used to preserve fruits and vegetables.
But over the years, jam and jelly are the last thing you \'ve found in a unique thick jar specifically used as a plant stand, chandelier material, soap dispenser, pet food container, and of course, ridiculousto-drink-out-
Cocktail glasses. Flat-
Screen TV on Fireplacone: exquisite, high
The end electronics are not completely mixed with the splash flame.
Second: The fire is to provide a comfortable environment, not to serve as a stage for \"Judge Judy.
\"Head and antlers on the wall, continue to show a dead thing on the wall ---
If you really kill them and kill poor innocent creatures, maybe two. But when floor-to-
Over the past decade, the ceiling trophy has been won in the form of filling heads and mounting corners, and it doesn\'t look so trendy, more of a vertical zoo cemetery.
Cupcake pattern gourmet cupcake shops began taking over the main streets of the United States in 2000 after making their debut on \"Sex and City.
\"It\'s faster than you eat a little red velvet cake, and from the pou to the pattern on the bedspread, the iced food begins to appear.
Ten years later, the market share of the cupcake chain plummeted, and the accessories of the cupcake room filled the yard and rummaged.
In the 2011 \"Portlandia\" short play, comedian Fred Finn and Kelly Brownstein put the birds on pillows and lampshades in a home decor store to make these things
For by 2011 it seems that everything in the last decade must have a cardinal, a hummingbird, or an owl on it.
\"Put a bird on it \"--
Now part of the city Dictionary. -
Is short for \"something completely cute and artistic.
\"Keep calm and keep going\" posterIt was great at first.
This British print poster, discovered by bookseller Stuart Manley in 2000, gives us simple guidance on how to live.
When we saw the poster for the first time, we thought, \"I will stay calm . \".
Until the poster is reproduced like a pathogen and appears on the mug, mural and throw pillows.
Now, this trend of ubiquitous decoration is no longer a \"calm\" reaction. Full-
Gentle and soothing shower nozzle? Yes. A full-
A body spray shower with a strong spray device costs up to $7,000?
Imagine the scene in \"Silkwood\" where Meryl Streep is washed down after exposure to radiation and you get this photo.
Nostalgic over-modern, plus all the old globe illuminated by Edison bulbs
Time line is the two look of becoming de rigueur in early 2000.
While the dash of these decorative trends is still spinning, the Wallto-wall Mid-
Modern and retro century-on-
A vintage look full of filament bulbs proves this to be a good thing.
Everything is fake, what would you call them, starting Castle or garage Mahals, but McMansions turned the fake into a real decorative trend in early 2000.
These construction giants have started this trend from the outside, with houses designed in theme styles such as artificial castles or artificial potatoes.
Then, it seems that fauxness extends to almost all the materials or finishes in the house.
The most popular include finishes such as artificial plaster and bricks, as well as fixtures such as artificial fireplaces and windows with artificial vertical frames.
What\'s not fake?
We put thousands of dollars into these ridiculous decorating ideas. ----
What do you think?
Do you still have some love for these looks?
Interject into the discussion of the House conversation.
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