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At the beginning of 2004, Chengdu's urban lighting work did not have a detailed and detailed development plan. Landscape lighting was also only seen in this century. Therefore, urban functional lighting and landscape lighting have not experienced a process of integration. With the acceleration of the pace of urbanization and the rapid development of urban construction, the development of landscape lighting is out of line and lagging behind urban development. How to do a good job in urban lighting has become a sacred mission for practitioners.

On the evening of August 9, Aladdin's national urban lighting research activity was held in Chengdu, and invited local lighting management departments, colleges, societies, engineering design, enterprises and other experts to conduct on-the-spot visits to Chengdu's night scenes for Chengdu's urban lighting. Develop and listen to what they say.

Li Yifei, Deputy Director, Chengdu City Lighting Management Office

Chengdu does not have an open space like Shanghai, Xiamen, Qingdao, Hangzhou, and Hong Kong. There are also big rivers in Chongqing, so I personally feel that there is not much advantage in doing large-scale and large-scale night scenes in Chengdu. Click to see the overall night lighting effect. However, the geographical environment of the Chengdu Plain and the historical and cultural heritage and accumulation of the city itself make it more suitable for night lighting with local characteristics and cultural background. Telling the story of Chengdu through light can attract viewers to explore the city. This may be the direction of Chengdu's night scene development. Chengdu is an inland plain city, lacking open space. If blindly imitating large-scale and large-scale, the night scene effect of seeking a unified and unified visual impact may cause the entire city night scene to enter a misunderstanding.

Moreover, the early construction of the night lighting, the later operation, and the investment in the cost of electricity are very large, and may not necessarily produce direct economic benefits. But it can show the characteristics of the city, highlight the culture of the city, and promote the consumption level of the city or a certain area at night. For example, the wide and narrow alleys, Jinli, Taikooli and other Chengdu tourist punching points, if the lack of landscape lighting, the entire business format will undergo great changes, so the style of night lighting and architectural matching, can show the quality of the entire complex With positioning. To put it another way, the overall effect of the nightscape lighting of more buildings in a city highlights the city's cultural heritage and aesthetic taste.

He Wei, Vice Chairman of Sichuan Electric Lighting Society

Urban landscape lighting covers 3D lighting, architectural lighting, and large-scale landscape lighting. As far as Chengdu is concerned, landscape lighting is gradually expanding, but the pace is still a bit slower. Mainly at the municipal-level level, if more attention is paid to urban landscape lighting and investment is increased, Chengdu can make more and better landscape lighting punching points. If you want to improve the level of urban lighting, you must concentrate on creating night lighting that meets the characteristics of your own urban culture. In addition to innovation in architecture, you can also upgrade some parks, plazas, etc. In fact, Shanghai is a good model. Shanghai's municipal leaders attach great importance to the city's landscape lighting, and set up a landscape lighting management office to coordinate the development of the landscape of the entire Shanghai city. Therefore, if the municipal level has more attention and input, the landscape lighting in Chengdu in the future must be unique.

Zhang Yuezhong, Director, Department of Environmental Art Design, Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Normal University

Chengdu has changed a lot in recent years, and the pace is also very fast. What can be the reason? From the perspective of interior design, Chengdu's interior design has entered the top three in the country, comparable to Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. The most important thing in design is to bring advanced culture and ideas to Party A. We extend from indoor lighting design to outdoor. From the perspective of urban lighting and landscape design, urban landscape lighting is a systematic project, so designers may There is still a lack of overall awareness. In fact, there are a lot of buildings in Chengdu that are very exciting, and there are also stories of their own, but the lack of support for night lighting is not fully expressed. Another aspect of landscape lighting is to let people understand the history of the city at night and read its context. Therefore, Chengdu needs to have enough knowledge at this point.

In all the cities of the country, Chengdu and Hangzhou are comparable. The same thing is that people in these two cities have wisdom, and their soil, climate, property, and cultural heritage are particularly similar, but from today Looking at Chengdu and Hangzhou, Chengdu is a bit inferior, and the inferiority is reflected in the details of landscape lighting.

Tang Xiaoming Huitang International (Chengdu) Lighting Design Consultant Design Director

I think that Chengdu is doing landscape lighting and should consider the construction of the building in harmony with its surrounding buildings or the entire regional architecture. A combination and a whole control, if you rely on government means to force a project, it is very luxurious, it loses some considerations in the building, because it only has light, no building, no building, no city concept, this It is a series of reflections. Therefore, landscape lighting does not have to be carried out in a large area. It is actually a city light that is very suitable for human habitation.

The nightscape improvement work in Chengdu has indeed been done relatively little, and occasionally there are some brightenings on one or two buildings that can be seen. Is this state a good thing or a bad thing? In fact, I personally feel that it is okay, because we divide the light of a building or a piece into several degrees, if it is divided into six degrees, now I feel that the Chengdu light is only two degrees, I suggest You don't need to spread it to six degrees right away. If we spread it all out, what will we do this year and what to do next year? The landscape lighting of the city is a continuous work, slowly reaching the feeling of the light we need, I hope this space is slowly improving. Instead of doing it all this year.

Yang Guang Director of Lighting Studio, Sichuan Architectural Design and Research Institute

The night view of Chengdu city is relatively conservative and restrained. The functional basic lighting system is relatively sound, and the landscape lighting is not systematic. It is mostly represented by nodes, and is represented by the light environment characterized by small scale and near-human scale. The urban landscape of Chengdu is higher than other cities. It can be compared with many famous cities. The biggest feature is: pay attention to the creation of ecological environment, create a green and livable living environment; protect and recreate the regional history and culture, and promote Tianfu Culture, the establishment of Chengdu temperament, the acceptance of new ideas and new ideas is relatively conservative, from the local architectural form is not difficult to see.

I think that the development stage of the city can be divided into: the functional lighting stage of urban infrastructure construction, the stage of wanting to build a city night scene system but not knowing how to find a method, and finding the correct construction direction and method are gradually establishing the stage of urban lighting system. It has the experience of identifying good and bad projects, improving the construction and management methods, and finding the development stage of new innovations. Chengdu is currently in the second phase, and the key is to look at city managers.

Do it first, do it first, then do it later, you can learn from experience, learn from each other's strengths, take less detours, and locate accurately. The city must express its own characteristics, and must have cultural self-confidence. It is not a cultural expression that expresses the superficial content of the cultural heritage. It is necessary to transform the heavy culture through the art and subtly present it. This is very sophisticated.

Huangzhou Chief Engineer of Electrical and Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

First, China's current urban landscape lighting I personally feel that it is still in its infancy, because Japan has also gone through this path. When I first started doing it in Japan, it was brighter than anyone else. In fact, we are taking this stage. Now it is not only bright, moving, and color, but with more conditions attached.

Second, the spring of lighting is coming. Why is spring coming? One is the spring of technology, the breakthrough of LED technology, the breakthrough of traditional technology, the control can be more flexible. In addition, with the improvement of people's living standards, the government's attention and other reasons prompted the lighting industry to usher in the spring.

Third, it is only the government's emphasis on it. This is a systematic project and requires some methods to control it. What kind of effect do you need to achieve at the end? The standard of acceptance? It is not the one who decides what to say, and needs the support of the system. Now I say that the city is not the brightest from the satellite map. I think this is precisely the advantage of Chengdu. Although it is still going on, there is at least no chaos. Chengdu is a blank piece of paper, leaving us practitioners with more opportunity.

Wang Pingkang Lighting Design Director / Lighting Technology Director, Sichuan Hook Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

As early as ten years ago, the municipal government also tried to do some night lighting, but it was not the main construction object, so it did not produce good results. Chengdu's urban night scenes are actually thanks to real estate developers. They are very important for the construction of the city of Chengdu, and also promote the construction of night lighting in Chengdu.

The real estate developers have grown very fast. At the beginning, they mainly stayed at the main stage of the lighting design. For the floodlights and the contour walls, the owners did not know the lighting design company. . But after three or five years, he is very clear about his requirements. For example, the requirements of architecture, glass, curtain wall, office building, hotel, etc. can give his requirements, and the task book is also very specific, such as total control, Energy consumption, the effect of the coming out, etc., so the growth of the owners is very fast.

The urban lighting in Chengdu is mainly based on simple and harmonious lighting. The design units of local and foreign are highly unified for this design idea, which is also due to the lazy and inclusive urban temperament of Chengdu. If the city has her unique taste, then the night view of Chengdu is like the food of Chengdu. It has both the warmth of spicy hot pot and the leisurely elegance of the teahouse.

Zhao Kai General Manager of Chengdu Adelson Photoelectric Engineering Co., Ltd.

The government functional departments in Chengdu attach great importance to the construction of urban night scenes, and have been systematically, planned, and planned to strengthen. It can be said that the development of urban night scenes is in a very rational state.

We used to overlook Chengdu in a 200-meter-high building, which was very shocking. The Chengdu Plain is not as good as the Pearl River in Guangzhou. Hangzhou has the open space such as the West Lake as a viewing platform. Therefore, the landscape lighting in Chengdu is closely related to the cultural development of the whole city. For example, Wuhou Temple should be a warm atmosphere, and Taikoo Li needs a small capital. In Chengdu, we can't find a very beautiful contiguous lighting environment. Every city has its own urban culture and characteristics, and the lighting environment must complement the urban culture.

At present, both the government and the owners do not pay enough attention to project maintenance, which leads to a lot of projects just finished, but a few years later, more and more problems will be exposed, such as severe light decay. Therefore, design companies need to continuously improve their professionalism, and owners need to have a higher sense of maintenance.

Li Daixiong Vice President (CDO) of Sichuan Huati Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

Chengdu's urban lighting has its own characteristics: not so much in pursuit of the so-called "dazzle", in general, the comparison